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Flat Roof Replacement Guide to Saving Your Roof

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When to opt for Flat Roof Replacement: In flat roofs it is quite common that cracks and dips turn into a serious problem if not treated timely. Thus it is essential for any flat roof building owner to know when to repair or replace the roof. Most roof replacements are needed for the problems caused by water and heat. It is recommended that two inspections in a year should be done for damage done by heat and water and if you are living in an area affected by storms due to which your roof keeps getting covered with leaves the check should be done more often.

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It is always better to save yourself from the trouble of replacement and this is how you can do it.

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Keep A Check on Water Pooling: One should always keep a check on water pools on the edges of the roof. These water pools can be the major reason for the leakage. Even the flashings on the roof sometimes have small gaps which can lead to major leakage. You should seal the flashings so there is no chance of water to seep in and cause a leakage. And since rain sometimes falls in a slant even the flashings on the walls need to be sealed. If you see your roof swollen like a blister at some spots it means that water has seeped in that area and needs a roof leak repair. The best time to do these repairs is when the roof is dry or the minor problem may turn into a serious damage.

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Always Go for Re-Tar Not Re- Roof: With time roof gets cracks and bumps at certain spots but if detected at an early stage there is a DIY roof repair which can increase the life of your roof and involves just two steps. A new layer of roofing tar is a proper solution for both the bumps and the cracks. Even adding a layer of reflective aluminum paint will be very effective. It reflects the heat and makes the building more comfortable. The crack formation due to heat will also be avoided with this simple step.

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You can prevent roof damage and save yourself from going in for a roof repair but if the situation is out of hands even repairs will be useless. If there are too many cracks on the roof water has seeped in through many gaps and the bloating of the roof has spread a lot spending time and money on repairs will not last long and eventually a roof replacement will be the only option left. So if you are facing a similar situation we would recommend to not waste time and seek in for a professional help.

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