Telemedicine Solutions Changing The Medical World


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The revolution in the information technology and telecommunication makes possible to deliver Telemedicine Solutions successfully.


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T elemedicine S olutions C hanging T he M edical W orld www. kool md .com


www. kool md .com The Revolution in the Information Technology and Telecommunication makes it possible to deliver telemedicine solutions successfully. In Telemedicine, Doctors use live real-time communication tools like Telephony, VOIP and Video Chatting.


www. kool md .com This also allows you to share documents. In Modern World, it has brought many positive changes in the Healthcare Sector which makes people lives easier. According to a report, telehealth services has brought many positive outcomes by providing the best Treatments.


www. kool md .com During a Telemedicine Consultation, you can easily ask the question and tell about your Medical History to the Specialist.The Specialist can see your Swollen Legs and also can hear your cough sound while talking with you. With the use of Tele-Stethoscope the Physician can listen heartbeat and sound of Patient’s Heart.


www. kool md .com Remote Patient Monitoring System Setup is also available for the Patient. This Monitoring System continuously collects and sends data to different Healthcare Agencies for doing Interpretation. Cardiac telemetry is has been used for recording data that can later be interpreted by a cardiologist.


www. kool md .com Telemedicine is also benefiting the Health Care Companies by minimizing unwanted ER Visit and reduces Transportation Expenses while doing regular Health Check-ups of the Patient. It also helps to reduce the Health Care Service Costs.


www. kool md .com According to a Latest Study, the Telemedicine Process reduces the Stress of Patients. Healthcare Providers have to acquire this kind of Technologies in order to provide the Best Healthcare Services.


www. kool md .com Regular Check-up helps you to know about any Potential Risk and Telemedicine is the Best Solution for it.


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