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Parijatak Ayurveda, the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Center, provides gynecology treatment to women, helping them to keep control of their reproductive system.


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slide 1: Best Gynecology Treatment with Ayurveda Remedies Here we are going to discuss the best gynaecology treatment with Ayurveda remedies. Ayurveda is capable to recover the problems of gynaecology like the abnormal menstrual cycle irregular menstruation ovary syndrome and many more. A visit to the gynaecologist is recommended that focuses on women have concerns about symptoms such as pelvic vulvar white discharge and vaginal itching or abdominal bleeding from the uterus. Conditions mainly treated by gynaecologists include- issues related to pregnancy fertility menstruation and menopause change of life.

slide 2: Ayurveda Treatment to gynaecology problems Ayurveda provides you with the best gynaecology treatment always. Andget rid of your problems with Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda gynaecology disorders are divided into two major areas ‘Prasuti Tantra’ and ‘stree Rogam’‘Prasuti Tantra’ is a pregnancy-related issue and Stree Rogam is another women health disorder. The major cause of these health issues in women is due to an imbalance of vata pita and kapha doshas. Whether it is the menstruation treatment pregnancy-related treatment or any other form of treatment no option is better than Ayurveda and it has best gynaecologist doctor in Nagpur.

slide 3: 8 most common types of gynaecology disorders Common gynaecology disorders all these problems are a result of improper food lifestyle and regimen. 1. Endometritis 2. Pelvic Varicosities 3. Impotency 4. Early menopause 5. Uterine Bleeding 6. Amenorrhoea 7. Uterine fibroids 8. Hormonal disbalance 8 common causes of gynaecology disorders some common causes of gynaecology disorders because of these you can suffer from lots of gynaecology problems. 1. Vaginal irritation 2. Early puberty

slide 4: 3. Tubal pregnancy 4. Excessive sweating 5. Birth control pills 6. Weak pelvic area 7. Improper food and lifestyle 8. Use of an intrauterine device Ayurveda remedies for gynaecology problems Best gynaecology treatment with Ayurveda remedies there are lots of remedies and cures for women related health problems. Ayurveda has proved the most useful. Some of the best therapies for Ayurveda treatment gynaecology are-

slide 5: • Vamana- The therapy works to remove excess toxins formed in the body through vomiting. • Naysa- The therapy is performed through the nasal route to remove toxins from your body. • Panchakarma- This therapy works as detoxification and purification. • Virechana- This therapy works to clean the accumulation of pita dosha. • Uttara basti- This works the best for proper care of colon and get rid of toxins. Ayurveda herbs for gynaecology disorders Many herbs deliver wonderful results when used for gynaecology disorders. Ayurveda treatment for gynaecology is beneficial and very effective. • Herbs for painful periods- herbs like ginger saffron and licorice root could help relieve the pain.

slide 6: • Herbs for infertility- natural herbs like ashwagandha shatavari guduchi triphala etc. • Herbs for frigidity- herbs include banyan tree root and powdered ashwagandha. • Herbs for uterine fibroids- herbs like guggul varuna ginger and raspberry. If you want the best hospital for treatment of gynaecology than your first choice will be best gynaecologist hospitals in Nagpur. They will give you full satisfaction and these hospitals are very effective also. Gynaecology treatment with Ayurveda is like ancient and traditional treatment. Because Ayurveda never fails to satisfy you. For more detail Email-id - phone No - 91-9209107777 Reference link: gynecology/ Follow Us

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