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Infertility is common nowadays due to the hectic and unhealthy lifestyles and other health related problems. Of course allopathic system of medicine has its own way of treating infertility but ayurvedic treatment of infertility is the best option if you want to treat the root cause of the problem. Ayurvedic methods of treating infertility are non invasive and mostly rely on herbal medicine available at Parijatak.


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www.parijatak.com Ayurveda Defines the Best Cure for All Hair Problems According to Ayurveda the human body is made up of the five elements which in turn manifest themselves as what is called doshas. When you hair is healthy if reflects the ratio of the doshas — vata pitta and kapha. We have all the three doshas in our body and it is quite possible that our hair expresses a combination of the three doshas. It is very rare that any person has completely vata kapha or pitta type hair. Most of the times your hair represents at least two doshas and even all three in some cases.

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www.parijatak.com Let us look at the hair of all three doshas types:

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www.parijatak.com • Healthy vata type hair — Vata hair is relatively thin but somewhat coarse it can be straight or curly or a combination of the two it grows fast but can be somewhat unruly which is why styling this kind of hair is a bit of a challenge. • Healthy pitta hair — such hair is the most predictable straight soft and moderate in thickness but the strands are fine. • Healthy kapha hair — is typically wavy full lustrous coarse strong and thick If you are facing problems with hair health currently then it is necessary to assess your basic hair type which is based on life-long patterns before you came to realize that your hair had begun to change. Always bear in mind that Ayurveda aims at making your hair at its best rather than alter the fundamentals. Ayurvedic hair treatment is all about making your hair is the best it can be with your natural dosha type. When any of the three doshas becomes in excess then it can affect the hair in such a way as to cause hair problems like hair fall split ends rough dry and brittle hair etc. let us look at these imbalances: • Excess vata — it makes the hair dry brittle frizzy and lusterless. The hair also becomes thin falls out in clumps becomes shorter and difficult to grow out and also develops split ends. • Excess pitta — this causes excess heat in the follicles of the hair which in turn damages the hair and leads to premature thinning baldness and early graying. Heat in the hair follicles is usually accompanied by a tendency to be short tempered hot headed or extremely ambitious.

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www.parijatak.com • Excess kapha — this makes the hair oily heavy and thick Holistic Approach of Ayurveda for Hair Treatment From the Ayurveda perspective hair along with nails and teeth is the byproduct of the bone tissue because of which these tissues are deeply connected. The hair also has a relation with the nervous system and digestive tract. Hence if the health of any of these deteriorates it impacts the hair. At the same time if the kind of nutrition you are taking is not adequate or healthy that also will impact the hair. This is where the holistic approach of Ayurveda becomes quite useful. While providing Ayurvedic hair treatment takes the whole body into consideration and does not treat the hair separately.

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www.parijatak.com Let us look at the treatment that Ayurveda prescribes for healthy hair

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www.parijatak.com • Ayurveda prescribes some topical herbal oils and packs which treat the problem topically. These herbs are bhringaraj shikakai amla hair oils and packs are very good for topical application to the hair. • On the other hand amalaki which is an ingredient in Triphala has very strong rejuvenating quality. It is a powerful source of anti- oxidants and has a strong affinity for bones and hair. Amalaki is also very cooling and pacifies the pitta by removing the excess heat from the digestive system. • Triphala is a formula with pacifies all the three doshas and cleanses the digestive tract. It is a great support for the digestive system and therefore can improve the tissue nutrition in the whole body. • Brahmi is an herb that cools soothes and quiets the mind which in turn encourages calmness and tranquility. It is also a nourishing rejuvenating tonic for the entire body especially the nervous system and digestive system and hence has a beneficial effect on the hair. All these treatments cause the hair to be healthy whatever the doshas type your body has.

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