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The Savanna Biome: 

The Savanna Biome By Bryton Tori Taylor Mrs..Studebakers Class 2005-2006

Savanna Biome: 

Savanna Biome Have you ever heard of a biome? It is a large ecosystem. The are eight major biomes on planet Earth. One of them that we found interesting is the savanna biome. The animals, plants, and climate make this biome unique.

Savanna : 

Savanna The location of the savanna biome that my group learned about is in Southern Africa. The climate here stays the same for a long time. Rainfall each month varies.


Climate Sometimes it rains, sometimes it doesn’t. There are only two seasons in a savanna. There’s a wet summer and dry winter season in the savanna biome.

Wet and Dry Seasons: 

Wet and Dry Seasons In the wet season all of the plants are thick and the rivers flow freely. It is colder in the dry seasons. The rainy seasons usually start in May. The savanna climate has a temperature range of 68 degrees.

Plants-Kangaroo Paw: 

Plants-Kangaroo Paw There are a multitude of plants that make the Savanna Biome come to life. The Kangaroo Paw is unscented, grows in Western Australia, and it also only grows up to 10cm tall!

Palm Tree: 

Palm Tree Palm Tree. This plant needs deep soil, is a shelter for may plants, and also roots reach way down into the soil.

River bush Willow: 

River bush Willow The River Bushwillow is a member of the Combretace family, Another name for this tree is the Hippcup Nut. It is found in the Savanna Biomes in Africa, and it grows along rivers

Whistling Thorn Tree: 

Whistling Thorn Tree The Whistling thorn tree grows in the Savanna biomes in East Africa, it can grow up to 18 feet tall, the thorns grow up to 3 in. long, and it’s also home to Stinging Ants.

Baobab Tree: 

Baobab Tree The Baobab tree. This tree only grows leaves in the wet season, it’s able to store water in its trunk, and it also has leaves that are like fingers.


Animals-Zebra There are a multitude of animals living in the Savannah biome. Zebras call this biome home. They graze on the grasses of the Savannah.


Elephant-Giraffe-Baboon A elephant lives there because the food he eats is only in the Savannah areas. A giraffe uses his long neck to survive. A baboon survives there because of that’s were the baboon are originally from.

Karakul-Kangaroo-Wild Dog: 

Karakul-Kangaroo-Wild Dog . The Karakul lives there because the food it eats is the Kangaroo plant. The African Wild dog lives here because the food it eats is there. The food it eats is the Gum Tree.

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