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B(E2) and ββ-decay evaluation and compilation Boris Pritychenko* National Nuclear Data Center Brookhaven National Laboratory *Email: Brookhaven Science Associates

Project Motivation: 

Project Motivation Up-to-date bb-decay and B(E2) evaluation and compilation Web Access & Dissemination ENSDF evaluators & physicists need this information Utilization of my expertise in these subjects

B(E2) Nuclear Data Project I: 

B(E2) Nuclear Data Project I B(E2) ( was launched 11/01/2005 Originally based on work of S. Raman Over 200 nuclear data retrievals/month Adopted retrievals - 72.6% Experimental retrievals - 21.6% Theoretical retrievals - 5.8%

B(E2) Nuclear Data Project II: 

B(E2) Nuclear Data Project II Project is in a good shape Nuclear physicists requests: Weisskopf units were introduced in addition to e2b2 and ps Experimental methods are displayed Database updates: 3-4 times a year

bb-decay Data Project I: 

bb-decay Data Project I bb-decay ( was launched 06/01/2006 Small scale (14 adopted & over 300 best experimental limits) Duration of typical bb-decay measurement is 2-3 years; database content grows slow Collaboration with Viktor Tretyak from INR, Kiev Reliable source of data for ENSDF

bb-decay Data Project II: 

bb-decay Data Project II NSR-based product; NSR was 95% complete for bb-decay transitions, new NSR entries were added Lweight was used for adopted values bb-decay transitions page based on data from AMDC & NWC Database updates 3-4 times a year

Conclusion & Outlook: 

Conclusion & Outlook Horizontal evaluations diversify NNDC product offering Proactive response to research & ENSDF communities needs Integration of B(E2) & bb-decay data with NSR and ENSDF evaluations FY 2009-2010: Produce B(E2) & bb-decay evaluations for publication

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