KitchenAid® Adds Modern Innovations to Timeless Appliances

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Things like slicing tomatoes or dicing carrots can take a ton of time when you’re cooking for a crowd, but the food processor range from KitchenAid® makes it fast. Their food processors can slice, dice, chop, and more with ease thanks to the ExactSlice™ System. Get through all of your prep work in minutes and make the most out of your time in the kitchen with KitchenAid®.


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KitchenAid® Adds Modern Innovations to Timeless Appliances Although some designs like a whisk or spatula might seem timeless and in their final form there is always room for improvement in the kitchen. New innovations and features can make cooking easier more convenient and more fun. Starting with their first product the iconic Stand Mixer KitchenAid® has continued to add new features and improve their designs throughout their century of existence. It’s this constant innovation that makes KitchenAid® among the top brands for toasters Stand Mixers and other benchtop appliances. What features and innovations can you expect on your new KitchenAid® product Here are a few examples: Countdown Timer When you think about all of the times you’ve had to guesstimate when to put the eggs on while your bread toasted you’ll see why KitchenAid® added this helpful feature. The countdown timer is simple in concept: it shows you how long until the toast is done. But the convenience of seeing the timing at a glance can take the stress out of juggling two things at once in the kitchen. ExactSlice™ System Many people think that food processors are just for finely chopping ingredients. While they’re certainly good at that the best ones can do so much more. For example a classic food processor from KitchenAid® features their ExactSlice™ System which makes it an incredibly versatile appliance. Quickly and easily adjust the blade distance with the ExactSlice™ lever and gain even more control over the slice and chop of your ingredients.

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Stand Mixer Attachments Perhaps the most iconic product from KitchenAid® is their Stand Mixer which in and of itself was an innovation when first introduced in 1919. The Stand Mixer from KitchenAid® saves countless hours spent stirring whipping mixing and kneading and the attachments take the innovation a step further. Whether you want to stuff sausages make your own pasta or mill flour there are Stand Mixer attachments for the job. Keep Warm Function The keep warm function of the KitchenAid® electric kettle will make your tea parties more relaxing and less stressful. Instead of having to keep a pot on the stove or pressing the heat button before every cup the water will already be the perfect temperature. Sit back and relax with a friend over a nice cup of tea cocoa coffee or other hot drink. Dual Wall Thermal Control Jug When people think of blenders they likely think of cold icy drinks. While the Pro Line® Series Blenders from KitchenAid® can crush and blend ice like no other they are also handy for pulsing together ingredients for a soup or sauce too. The innovative Dual Wall Thermal Control Jug helps keep the soup or sauce warm while blending for superior results. Shop their entire range of innovative benchtop appliances at

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