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If you like to bake your own bread at home, there’s no better way to enjoy it than when toasted and spread with butter and preserves. KitchenAid® specialises in making some of the best benchtop appliances in the business, and their collection of artisan toasters is no exception. With precise control so your bread is toasted to golden perfection, you’ll be amazed how KitchenAid® elevates the experience with their precise, premium products.


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Ready for Something Diferent Explore Creatve Flavours with These Recipes From KitchenAid® Even the most advanced cooks get a litle bored with their weekly meals. If you feel like it’s tme to try something new and you want to push yourself to explore new tastes favours and methods of preparaton loading up on a few new recipes is the tcket. Along with ofering some of the most versatle Stand Mixer.s reliable toasters and dependable appliances in the kitchen KitchenAid® is also here to inspire you. On their blog the Kitchenthusiast they have an assortment of tps and tricks for in the kitchen along with dozens of recipes to try. Here are a few standout recipes to test out that feature creatve and excitng favours. Buckwheat Noodles with Asian Beef Broth Have you tried your hand at making noodles from scratch yet If not now is the perfect tme with this delicious recipe that makes use of the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer’s Pasta Roller atachment. Simply mix the buckwheat and all-purpose four together in the mixer’s bowl before adding the wet ingredients to form the dough. Afer kneading it you can roll out the noodles easily with the atachment while the broth and other ingredients simmer on the stove. The result is a tasty soup that is perfect for those cold nights.

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Lacey Crepes with a Frangelico Berry Sauce For the morning while your KitchenAid® ketle is keeping your water ready for tea you can whip up these delectable almost dessert-like lacey crepes. The best part is if you are in a hurry all you need to do is blend the ingredients together in a blender and pour the bater directly into the pan. Top each crepe with a berry sauce for a sweet way to start the day. Spiced Lamb Burgers with Halloumi and Cucumber Sauce Does it get any beter than when the favours of lamb mint chilies and garlic come together Well when you top that burger blend with a creamy cucumber yoghurt sauce and grilled halloumi it takes the experience to the next level. This recipe makes use of the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer’s Metal Food Grinder atachment to grind up the meat with exotc spices for delicious hand-prepared burgers. You could also make use of their powerful food processor to get the job done. The additon of the grilled halloumi cheese just makes it that much beter. Your family is sure to ask for this dinner again and again. View the full recipes and shop for the tools that make them possible at htps://

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