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Cornerstone Design & Remodel are Award-Winning remodeling contractors in San Diego. They provide innovative kitchen and bathroom remodeling at prices to suit your budget.


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Types of kitchen countertop materials :

Types of kitchen countertop materials

“Afterwards, they always had tea in the kitchen, much the nicest room in the house.” ― Flora Thompson :

“Afterwards, they always had tea in the kitchen, much the nicest room in the house.” ― Flora Thompson

Kitchen Countertop Materials :

Kitchen Countertop Materials

Stainless Steel Countertops:

Stainless Steel Countertops Stainless Steel provides a contemporary look to your kitchen. It synchronizes with any color. Cleaning stainless steel countertops is very easy. All that you need to is wipe it with a cloth and mild soap . The best part about Stainless Steel Countertops is that it prevents bacteria buildup. Thus, it is considered to be hygienic .

Glass Countertops:

Glass Countertops Glass is highly sleek and provides a clean and classy appearance Glass can be cut to your required shape Although it is costlier, Glass Countertops are very popular for their contemporary look. Like Stainless steel, glass is also very easy to clean.

Concrete Countertops:

Concrete Countertops The best thing about concrete countertops is that it is highly customizable. It goes well with other materials such as glass, tile, marble, etc., thus providing a unique look to your kitchen . Apart from aesthetic benefits, Concrete Countertops are highly energy-efficient.

Wood Countertops:

Wood Countertops If you wish to provide a rich look to your kitchen, wood countertops could be an ideal choice. It is not only decorative but also highly functional which can be used for chopping foods . Since wood countertop is heat resistant, one don’t have to worry about placing hot pans and pots over these countertops.

Honed-Granite Countertops:

Honed-Granite Countertops Granite is one of the most chosen and popular countertop materials. Honed-Granite Countertops is recommended as it gives a fine nonglossy finish instead of the old-fashioned polished look . It is resistant to scratching, chipping, cracking and breaking As it is highly durable, you don’t have to keep changing it every time you remodel your kitchen

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