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aims and objectives aim to develop cooking skills making a selection of Indian recipes objectives * work in pairs * make naan bread from scratch, e.g. kneading and baking * recap on skill from module 1, e.g. use a knife safely * learn some meat handling skills * try out some simple, but exciting indian recipes


setting the scene * this module is about developing your cooking skills further * the recipes will introduce you to making different foods from India * allow you to cook something tasty and different for friends


recipes you will make: lamb rogan josh naan bread raita If time is short, use ready made naan.


food skills and techniques you will: use a knife safely peel, chop and slice grate cook on a hob and in the oven make a naan bread, including kneading, proving and baking prepare and cook meat Why not download and insert a BNF cooking skill video here?


shopping list 225g lean lamb oil 2x15ml spoons Rogan Josh curry pasta 1 onion 1 clove garlic 200g can chopped tomatoes 2 tomatoes fresh coriander 60ml milk 200g strong flour 1x5ml spoon baking powder ½ sachet instant yeast 150ml plain yogurt 1x15ml spoon oil ¼ cucumber and mint for 2 people for 10 people 1.2Kg lean lamb oil Jar Rogan Josh curry pasta 5 onions bulb garlic 3 large cans chopped tomatoes 10 tomatoes fresh coriander 300ml milk 1kg string flour baking powder 3 sachets instant yeast 750ml plain yogurt oil 1-2 cucumbers and bunch of mint


plan of action review recipes to be cooked prepare the naan bread – allow to prove prepare the raita – chill in the fridge prepare the rogan josh cook the bread and serve ensure that you collect your equipment before you start to cook weigh and measure your ingredients accurately keep your work surfaces clean and tidy – wash up as you go


information healthier eating remove any visible fat from the lamb when making the curry, fatty meat is high in saturates use low fat plain yogurt for the raita to lower the fat content use half wholemeal and half white flour for the naan bread to increase the fibre content


information budgeting have plenty of rice and naan bread with the curry to make it go further add more vegetables to the curry freeze a portion of the curry for another meal


information food safety and hygiene make sure that the meat is prepared on a clean chopping board and that it is clean after preparation ensure that the yogurt is within its use-by date wash all fresh fruit and vegetables before use keep the raita in the fridge until needed ensure all work surfaces are clean


information cooking for the future quick lamb rogan josh replace the fresh tomatoes with thinly sliced courgettes, peppers or okra batch cook – make double the recipe and freeze portions for a rainy (busy) day naan bread brush the naans with melted butter and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds before baking add flaked almonds, dried fruit, coconut and spices to the naan mix before baking


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