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Web development means to create a website for the internet so the visitors can see the website. A website is the most efficient form of e-marketing which help a business to portray them.


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Benefits to Choosing Web Development and PHP Development Web development means to create a website for the internet so the visitors can see the website. A website is the most efficient form of e-marketing which help a business to portray them. The great advantages of website development are that the website will be available for 24 hours a day and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. It is the backend website development procedure. When we create a website we create an admin panel where developer as an owner operates the site control of the website. Web development is to become a basic need of todays generation. One of the most important factors of website development is that it should be having a good rank on the search engine with the help 0f Digital marketing. Essential Requirement for website publishing Web development software: it is used for creating a web page for your website and word press is the best example of web development software. Internet Connection: Internet is essential to connect to a remote web server. Web server: Web server is the location where your website resides. Characteristics of successful Web Develop • Move with technology • Entrepreneurship spirit • Persistence and Pride and team player • Creative problem solver Roadmap of web development We have to follow these four steps to built a website Step-1 Every developer having knowledge of HTML CSS JavaScript these are a very essential part to develop a website. Step-2 When you are comfortable with HTML and CSS its time to go dipper. Get some knowledge about Maps Fonts and Icons in HTML. On the side of JavaScript HTML DOM is an important part which we have to get Step-3 Select Framework. On the CSS side choose a framework like Bootstrap or Material Design or W3.CSS. On JavaScript learn at least one framework like React.js or angular.js or Vue.js or W3.JS. Step-4

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Back-End. Having knowledge about database Like SQL MySQL Mongo.db Following development language which we use to build a website. These are • PHP • AngularJS • Net • Node.JS • ReactJS. Now we discuss what is PHP PHP is Hypertext pre-processor. It is a programming language and it is used for web development. PHP is a server-side scripting language and to create a dynamic and interactional web page. Server-side scripting with PHP involves PHP parser: PHP parser is a type of software that converts source code into something that the computer can easily understand. Web Server: It is a program that uses hypertext transfer protocol to serve the files that form Web pages to the user. Web Browser: It is a software application for access information on the WWW World Wide Web.Each and every web page or image or videos are identified by a distinct URL Uniform Resource Locator. Database: PHP works with all database software including Oracle and Sybase but most commonly with MySQL database. Characteristics of PHP • Simplicity • Efficiency • Security • Flexibility • Familiarity Some benefits of PHP • Due to all language are free it is cheap and easy to set up and create a website using PHP. • PHP is to use for server-side programming it is a free language with no licensing fees so the cost is minimal. • PHP Script can be used on the well known operating system like Linux UNIX and many others. • It can also interact with many different database languages including Mysql SQL etc.

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