FDI in retail (Positive Impacts)

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positive effects of FDI in retail


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Positive Impacts Of FDI In Retail Prepared by: Bhavin Patel || Gaurav Prajapati Kirtan Pandya || Niti Patel || Vinita Patel


Positive impact of FDI in retail on: Technology Employment Economy Consumer Other add-ons Conclusion Agenda


Wastage and Storage problems will be resolved. Efficient logistics, production, and distribution channels. Digital records. Distribution and warehousing technologies. Foreign retail majors have immense supply chain expertise and they will guarantee efficiencies in this critical component of the economy. Technology


It is estimated that 50% of the investment and jobs should go to rural areas, 30% of the inputs should be sourced from medium-sized and small enterprises. There will be major investments in retail, creating at least 10 million jobs in industries such as agro-processing and logistics. Improvement in the quality of employment Employment


India has been reeling from food price inflation (it was 12% a couple of months ago). The efficiencies of superior supply chains will reduce wastage and costs, thus lowering prices . The minimum sourcing requirements will help small industries and boost incomes. More and more entry of foreign players will result into huge amount of capital inflow in our country and profit earned by these companies will give our government a handsome amount of money in terms of taxes . FDI in organized retail could help tackle inflation, particularly with wholesale prices. Growth of infrastructure. Economy


Safety & quality standard will be quite high which will improve overall shopping experience of consumers. Upgradation of lifestyle & fashion of people, and they will get easy access to international brands. Consumer

Other add-ons:

FDI in retail sector will be a curse to local traders who were charging high prices from the public & hence, they are opposing it. FDI in retail will help farmers secure remunerative prices by eliminating middlemen. Rupee will be appreciated. Other add-ons


Thus it can be said that FDI in retail could change the face of Indian retail by offering quality goods at lower prices to the consumers. In addition to this, the presence of global retailers in Indian retail industry will further enhance exports from India as they would also source Indian goods for their international outlets in a big way leading to a remarkable increase in Indian exports. Conclusion

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