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RESEARCH PROCESS Miss Wanare Kiran A. M- Pharm ( Phytochemistry & Pharmacognosy ) Govt. College of Pharmacy, Amravati

research is ::

research is : The search for knowledge or as any systematic investigation to establish facts. Primary Purpose for Research is discovering, interpreting, & developing of methods in scientific manner for the advancement of human knowledge. e.g. 1. Scientific Research 2. Historical Research 3. Artistic Research 4. Marketing Research 2

fig: research process :

fig: research process 3


STEPS INVOLVE IN RESEARCH PROCESS ARE : Step 1: Formulating the research problem Step 2: Extensive literature survey Step 3: Developing the hypothesis Step 4: Preparing research design Step 5: Determinating sample design a) deliberate sampling b) simple random c) systematic sampling d) stratified sampling 4

PowerPoint Presentation:

Step 6: Collecting the data Step 7: Execution of the project Step 8: Analysis of data Step 9: Hypothesis testing Step 10: Generalisations and interpretation Step 11: Preparation of the report or the thesis 5

1.Collecting the data:

1.Collecting the data -Sensation -Applies some -By personal kind of device interview -Attention -By telephone ability to conc interview on sub. matter under -By mail Study questionarrie -Perception Using experience, introspection DATA COLLECTION OBSERVATION MEASUREMENT OTHER 6

2.Execution of the project::

2.Execution of the project: Execution of project is a very important step in a research process. If the execution of the project proceeds on correct lines, the data to be collected would be adequate & dependable. 7

3.Analysis of data:

3.Analysis of data After the data have been collected,the researcher turns to the task of analysing them. For the analysing the data take place by using diifferent technique; such as- -Coding -Editing -Tabulation 8


4.hypothesis-testing After analysing the data,the researcher is in a position to test the hypothesis. The hypothesis may be tested by the use of many test such as- Chi square test,t - test,F -test. depending upon the nature & object of research inquiry. Hypothesis-testing will result in either accepting or in rejecting. 9

5.Generalisations and interpretation:

5.Generalisations and interpretation If a hypothesis is tested & upheld several times,it may be possible for the researcher to arrive at generalisation i.e.,to build the theory. If the research had on hypothesis to start with,he might seek to explain his finding on the basis of some theory.It is known as interpretation. 10

6.Preparation of the report or the thesis::

6.Preparation of the report or the thesis: Finally, the researcher has to prepare the report of what has been done by him. LAY-OUT OF REPORT PRELILIMINARY PAGES END MATTER MAIN TEXT 11

Parts of a report:

Parts of a report 1.Introduction: Should contain a clear statement of the objective of research& explanation of methodology. 2.Summary of finding: Statement of findings & recommendation in non- technical language. 3.Main report: Report should be presented in logical sequence & broken down into readily identifiable section. 4.Conclusion: Again put down the results of research clearly & precisely. 12


Reference: Trochim W.M.K.(2006) Research Method Knowledge base Research Methods & Statistical Techniques By, P.S.G. Kumar 13

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