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Kion Kashefi goes in depth with what you should expect in air travel and gives details in a stylish slide presentation of what you can do to prepare for your flight. Kion Kashefi even breaks understanding airports down into segments for the new flyers.


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Preparing For Your Flight:

Preparing For Your Flight


Introduction Many people from all over the world fly every day, so if so many people do it, it must be easy to do, right? The fact is that flying is easy to do and in this presentation, you'll learn all you need to know about the basics of preparation for your flight. You'll learn: Booking a flight Baggage and packing Gates/Terminals Safety

1. Booking A Flight:

1. Booking A Flight Booking a flight is as easy as 1...2...3. There are many websites where you can book a flight on. If you are looking to save money, rumor has it that booking a flight on a Tuesday was the best option. That rumor has changed to Sunday and Monday since 2015. From user experience, using Google Flights and are the best known cheapest sources for plane tickets. Set the departure and arrival dates provided by the website.

2. Baggage and Packing:

2. Baggage and Packing You should consider how many days you will be gone and be sure to pack needed materials such as: Toothpaste/brush Socks/underwear Glasses/contacts Deodorant


Checked luggage must be paid for which is a $25 fee. Checked bags are done at the airport right in front of the monitor screens you'll see. You'll notice the long line as well. Checking bags can be time consuming, so be sure to get to the airport with ample amounts of time left. It's better to be bored and wait than to rush and risk your expensive flight! Checked bags mean you don't have to carry them through security. It's a load off your back. You get your checked bags at the final destination at the baggage claim.


Think about if you want a carry-on bag or if you are going to check your bags. Each bag has it's own benefits. A carry-on bag is the luggage you take on the plane with you to have at your feet on the plane or in the storage area above the seats. Carry-on bags must go through security and must follow certain rules in order to pass through security. Any items in your carry-on bags that doesn't meet standards will be thrown away or mailed back to you...which is very expensive.


Gates/Terminals Dealing with gates and terminals is where it will get very confusing for first time flyers or even those who do not fly all that often. It can be easy to forget. Airports are organized by terminals. Different terminals hold different flight companies. For example, American Airlines may be through Terminal 1 and Delta Airlines may be through Terminal 2. Find out the terminal your airline will be through and after you have gone through airport security, find your gate.


Gates are the easier part. Your ticket will tell you the terminal and gate to be in. For example, you fly on Delta Airlines. You are to be in terminal 2 and at gate C11. TIP: Follow the signs. Everyone knows how complex airports can be. The signs above are so organized, navigating the airport will be easy. Gates can go at high a letter as K and as high a number as 55.


Safety The staff in the airport will ensure your safety and guide you through the same safety presentation no matter how many times you fly. If you are lost in the airport, never ask a stranger for directions. Find a staff member. Don't pet the security K-9s Don't feed them, either.

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