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Make your custom packaging boxes build the brand with custom printed boxes from Business Image Printing. We do have the knowledge and variety of resources to choose a variety that fits your brand and make your product special than the competitors.


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WELCOME TO BUSINESS IMAGE PRINTING We believe that custom boxes printing and packaging —made just for you—captivates customers and improves your business’s bottom line. As printing experts with decades of experience, we don’t just offer options upon options for truly personalized product boxes, but also exceptional quality and plenty of free services so you always feel confident about your custom packaging. We’ve produced custom boxes printing and packaging for Bose and hundreds of other satisfied clients, and are dedicated to making this complex industry accessible for you and your needs. Your custom printed boxes are 100% recyclable and made in Southern California using soy-based inks for vivid, crisp color. It’s not just eco-friendly—using soy inks actually results in better color quality and reduced costs, waste, and harmful VOC emissions compared to traditional petroleum-based inks. If you need special packaging, just ask us about our 100% recycled, kraft, and food-safe packaging! You demand a lot from your custom printed boxes—we’re sure ours will more than satisfy your expectations.

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CUSTOM LIPSTICK BOXES PRINTING If you’re looking for high-quality custom packaging for your lipstick products then Business Image Printing is here to help with our custom printed lipstick boxes. With professionally designed packaging made especially for your product you’d be surprised how much of an edge you can give your product with its packaging alone. Our custom printed lipstick boxes have been combined of the unique design, shape, size, elegance finished and much more, which would give your lipstick products very much stand-out from the others in retailer store. 

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CUSTOM TELESCOPE BOXES PRINTING If you’ve just designed and manufactured your own line of products like game, fruits, gifts…products that are in need of professional packaging, or if you’re simply looking for an upgrade, then Business Image Printing is glad to help with either by helping you create your very own custom printed telescope boxes ( 2 pieces boxes or set up boxes). With custom packaging at this quality, your product is sure to stand out from the competition with a brand new look and feel using our professional-grade custom printed telescope box style packaging.

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CUSTOM WINDOW BOXES PRINTING With our custom printed window boxes at Business Image Printing you can ensure that any type and kind of your products is given the stylistic and high-quality custom packaging it needs to stand out from the competition. With the help of your team of highly-trained experts and a variety of quality resources and materials at your disposal you can be sure that for the best in custom printed window boxes and packaging. Just give us a call at Business Image Printing and we can get started on making the perfect custom packaging complement for your products. 

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CUSTOM SOAP BOXES PRINTING Simple or elegant, to the point or detailed, we at Business Image Printing can help you create just the right custom printed soap boxes to go along with your soap products. At affordable costs our custom printed soap boxes and packaging can provide significant enhancements to your product’s sales potential as well as give your soap products the professional-level look and feel it needs to stand out from the competition. With Business Image Printing you can print just about any size or special shape you’d like for your soap products, all you have to do is let us know the specifications and we can have you set up with custom packaging made special for your soap products .

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CUSTOM VITAMIN BOXES PRINTING Business Image Printing can help you design and create the perfect custom printed vitamin boxes to go alongside your vitamin products. From custom printed pill, capsule boxes for your own line of vitamin products or tablet-specific blister boxes At Business Image Printing we give you full creative space in designing the look and feel of your custom packaging so that while you worry about what your product’s packaging looks like, we can worry about making it. We have a large size of customization box options for you to choose from for your vitamin products.

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