Safe Oven Cleaning Equipments to Use

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Check out few safe equipments to use when cleaning an Oven.


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Safe Oven Cleaning Equipments to Use


Before cleaning your Oven make sure you have the safe equipments for cleaning process.


Cleaning Equipments are , Rubber Gloves Spoon or Blunt Blade Paper Towels Paint or Toothbrush Scrubbing Brush Microfibre Cloth


Rubber Gloves Use rubber gloves to cover your hand If you’re using oven cleaning products with chemicals. Even if you’re using natural products, you won’t really want to be getting your hands covered in dirt and grease from the bottom of the oven.


Spoon or Blunt Blade Use spoon or blunt blade to remove loose, or caked on food residue before attempting to clean your oven. This makes easier for oven cleaning products to handle the stains and dirt.


Paper Towels Cover your kitchen floor with paper towels, newspapers, or old cloths and rags before applying any oven cleaning products.


Paint or Toothbrush If you’re using homemade oven cleaning products in a paste form, a wide paintbrush or toothbrush is the perfect tool for applying it.


Scrubbing Brush Use a hard-wearing scrubbing sponge or dish washing brush that will bring up dirt, without causing damage.


Microfibre Cloth Use a washable microfibre cloth to wipe the residue from the oven.


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