5 ways to prevent injuries in young athletes

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5 Ways To Prevent Injuries In Young Athletes


Inculcating the idea of sportsmanship in young athletes is very important. They must understand and be able to handle any situation with great spirit. During the time of competition as an athlete it’s vital to raise their standards so that they understand the importance of mutual respect. Secondly, nutrition plays an important role not only for elite athletes but also for young athletes. The sports nutrition or a general nutrition is required at every level to keep up the health and stamina which is needed in every game. Thirdly there is considerable increase in the competition and related activities over a period of time that requires a player to be on the field most of the time. On the field, practice tends to result in sports related injuries to the knee, legs, shoulders or elbow. Hence it is important for the elders or coach to guide them in the right way and help overcome the injuries by avoiding or preventing them from happening. There are certain ways as mentioned below which definitely help in preventing them.


Open discussion : - It is always recommended to have an open talk if any slightest of pain is observed in any part of the body. Early treatment helps in avoiding serious condition that may result due to negligence. Also the coach or teacher must always teach the young athletes to assimilate a habit of pain free sports and activities. Most of the kids enter the field with the pre conceived belief that pain is a part of sportsman’s life and thus they push themselves too much through the pain. To conclude one must take proper care that healing process is not affected negatively and prevent minor injuries from going to another level i.e. life threatening ones.


Assessing a young player : - Make sure if the young athlete is physically fit to play by assessing his olden games. Secondly before starting an activity or game, sports physical must assess the body to avoid further deterioration of the injury. If a player is found to be injured he or she should not be allowed to play or push further.


Warming up : - Physically and mentally making body ready to participate in an activity is known as warming up. It helps the body to be ready for the physical exertion before taking up any task. This is done by exercising and gently practicing the game. Avoid landing up on the field directly without warming up. Stretching muscles is one of the best ways as it helps the muscles to relax. Even before stretching it is better to jog or walk just to loosen up the muscles.


Protective shield : - Different games have different protective gear that help player from getting hurt. Be it football, cricket, baseball, soccer, biking, racing, skating, skateboarding, hockey etc., helmets are compulsorily wore as brain is the main part that needs to be protected. It’s important to get knowledge about the helmet one has to wear as different games have different types of helmets for e.g.; a football helmet cannot be of use in baseball game. Eye shield, rib protector, shoulder pads, jockstrap; hip , tail, thigh and knee pads, mouth guard, gloves and cleats/shoes are some of the other important protective equipment that are necessary in American football. Thus every game has their set of protective equipment to avoid hurt or injury during the game.


Following guidelines or rules : - Any unfortunate moment needs one second to spoil everything. The same applies to sports as well. As are traffic lights to save many lives on the road, similarly the guidelines or rules of sports help a player from getting hurt; by playing the correct way. In soccer a player is not allowed to come from behind, in a baseball there is a proper way of throwing a ball, in cricket there’s a way to avoid fights by following rules and crashing on each other. Read More At :   Kids Orthopedic


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