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Want to learn more about the child programs we offer? We offer a strong curriculum for children of different ages. To learn more, visit our site at .


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Kid-Tastic Child Care:

Kid-Tastic Child Care About Our Child Care Programs

Milwaukee Child Care Programs:

Milwaukee Child Care Programs At Kid-Tastic, we provide a wide variety of daycare programs that are specifically designed for different age groups of the developmental process. Based on your child’s age, he or she will qualify for a specific program at our Milwaukee day care. Each of our programs draws from Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, and all of our classrooms have the proper materials necessary to complete the curriculum.

Kare Cottage (Ages 6 Weeks - 2 Years):

Kare Cottage ( Ages 6 Weeks - 2 Years) Our Kare Cottage program affords many benefits, including but not limited to the following: Flexible schedule Meet each child’s individual needs Individual attention Focus on talking, mobilization, and affection Non-mobile infants moved frequently Safe, open spaces Safe toys and objects

Kiddie City (ages 3 - 4 Years Old):

Kiddie City (ages 3 - 4 Years Old) In our Kiddie City program, children will benefit from: Pre-planned curriculum Early development training Individual and group learning Hands-on activities

Kid’s Club (Ages 5 - 12 Years):

Kid’s Club (Ages 5 - 12 Years) Children in our Kid’s Club program can benefit from: Social skill building Self-confidence building Individual and group experiences Tutoring Labs Workshops Field trips Outdoor activities

Why Kid-Tastic?:

Why Kid-Tastic ? With multiple options to choose from as your Milwaukee daycare , why choose our team at Kid-Tastic? We employ a board certified staff that is fully dedicated to your child and his or her needs. We offer a safe, nurturing environment that is designed to allow your child to thrive, regardless of his or her age. Our child care center also allows for a loyalty program, which can help you receive up to 25% off tuition and other rewards — every third swipe of your card results in a 5% discount . Get started today!

Contact Kid-Tastic Child Care:

Contact Kid-Tastic Child Care Milwaukee Daycare Phone Number:  (414) 436-2224 Address:   3030 W Highland Blvd  Milwaukee, WI 53208 Hours of Care:   Monday - Friday: 6am to 6pm

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