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Who is the inventor of this technology??

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Commercialization of technology for extending shelf life of fresh betel leaves (Piper betle L):

Commercialization of technology for extending shelf life of fresh betel leaves ( Piper betle L)

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Summary of past work Initially research work was undertaken on Development of technology for enhancing shelf life of betel leaves ( Piper betle L.) with the following objectives To determine the different types of losses in betel leaves due to storage To screen varieties and chemicals for enhancing shelf life of betel leaves To determine shelf life of betel leaves with appropriate combination of temperature and chemicals A suitable technology has been developed and the project has been concluded during 2006, thereafter, it was decided to commercialize the technology

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The progress on commercialization of the technology is given below under five sub headings Transfer of Technology Experimental Studies Construction of Large scale storage structure Construction of storage structure for transportation of betel leaves E) Training and demonstration

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Transfer of Technology A list of the persons/organizations who have discussed about the technology and /or taken the technology for preservation of fresh betel leaves directly from the Investigator or from the ICAR , New Delhi have been given below Mr. Anil Saraf, Hydrothermal products Pvt Ltd, 20 Biresh Guha st, 3rd Floor, suite 3D, Kolkata Ph 22483174 2) Mr. Bipin Patel from Anand, Gujarat (Telephonic discussion) 3) Mr. Tanay Basu Roychowdhury, (By phone and e-mail), Kolkata, Ph: 09334698422 4) Mr. Abdullah Mohammed Latif, Room No B-61, Aravalli Hostel, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016 5) Mr. Vrij Mohan T., (,7c, PVS, Apts., YMCA Cross Road, Calicut-673001, India 6) Mr. Brent Rowell, PhD, Senior Agronomist, Vegetable Specialist, IDE, Myanmar, Building C, Suite 201, New Univ. Ave., Yangon, Myanmar, Tel: 951555221 7) Mr. G. H. Duari, Po+Village: Nonakuri Bazaar, PS: Tamluk, Dist: East Midnapore (Mr.Duari obtained the technology from the ICAR, New Delhi)

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8) Mr. Chandi Charan Duari, Po+Village: Nonakuri Bazaar, PS: Tamluk, Dist: East Midnapore 9) M/S Haldia Logistics Pvt Ltd, 135 Biplobi R.B. Bose Road, 1st Floor, Kolkata-700001 Mr. Aloke Kumar Saha, Villaage: Daharpur, PO: Tamluk, Dist: East Midnapore-721636 11) Chandan Kumar Batabyal, Vill: Tenjuakhali, PO: Byabettarhat, PS: Nandakumar, Dist: East Midnapore-721648Ph: 9434230269 12) Mr. Krishnendu Gyen Village: Narayanpur, Po: Namkhana, Dist: South 24 parganas-743357 13) Dr. Ashis Jana, 33 Bhupen bose Avenue, Kolkata-4 14) Mr. Ashim Manna, Village Bhabanipur, Po: Kalyachak, PS Nandakumar, Dist: East Midnapore 15) Mr. Debaprasad Mandal, Durgachak, Haldia, East Midnapore 16)Taralahi Santpur Village Development Society, Darbhanga, Bihar 17) Students and faculty members of Post Graduate Courses and Research Centre, Dantuluri Narayan Raju College, Bhimabharam-534202, A.P.

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Effect of open atmosphere on the quality parameters of stored betel leaves * Month of the trial Temperature Range out side incubator Humidity Range out side incubator Good leaf (%) Reduction in chlorophyll (%) PLW (%) Reduction in essential oil (%) April 28-35°C 61-73% 100 0.0 0.1 0.0 May 29-35°C 59-70% 100 0.0 0.0 0.0 June 28-35°C 63-73% 98 0.0 0.0 0.0 October 27-31°C 74-84% 100 0.0 0.0 0.0 *Initially the leaves were stored in incubator for 15 days and then kept in open atmosphere for 5 days. Observations were recorded on the 5 th day in open atmosphere.

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C) Construction of Large scale storage structure A large scale storage structure for preservation of betel leaves has been designed and quotation has been invited and obtained. Once the required Fund is made available (Approximately 25 Lakhs) a large scale self sustaining storage structure will be constructed. Some farmers of Haldia Town of East Midnapore district have united to jointly collect funds and go ahead with the construction work at Haldia with collaboration/technical guidance with the IIT, Kharagpur. The matter is in Progress.

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D) Construction of storage structure for transportation of betel leaves Betel leaves are transported in cheap quality bamboo baskets which are reused 1-2 times. The baskets are very light, strong, durable, flexible, biodegradable, non- hazardous and easily available, therefore, a better container could not be designed. The weight of the container is a major constraint for transportation by rail or road where heavy containers will require more freight. Moreover, the containers are required to be lifted/handled by the laborers for short distance movement very frequently. Therefore, a light container is required to be designed. This needs a separate project /sub project proposal.

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E) Training and demonstration A demonstration on the preservation of betel leaves were given to the 14 participants of EDART-08 (Entrepreneurship Development in Agricultural and Rural Technology), a training programme organized by the Agricultural and Food Engineering Department of IIT, Kharagpur during 18-20 Jan. 2008.

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