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ICT in Secondary Education Conference Venue: BRAC CDMA, Dhaka Date:10 January 2012

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Transformative approach of ‘ICT in Education’ Kaliganj KUP Pilot High School, Lalmonirhat


Background Our journey with British Council Schools Online (BCSO) started on December 2010 We were introduce to new ways of collaborating, some online tools, projects, forums It helped me to interact with schools across countries We got a partner school and had online collaboration We worked in online project My school was introduced to Project Based Learning (PBL), it is a new approach of student focused learning BCSO brought international dimension in my school

BCSO’s impact on my school:

BCSO’s impact on my school Cluster cohesion has improved, schools are coming to my school for support Change in motivation of teachers and student because of the project Students are more engaged now, (PBL & SAP) After joining the project we thought sharing is also important, for sharing our works and schools activities we now have an official webpage After online collaboration with teachers across the globe, I implemented new ideas, (e.g sign if you are late’) in my school ICT kits are available for students and community

Suggestions to other head teachers who want to change their school:

Suggestions to other head teachers who want to change their school Empowering your teachers and students will always benefit your school Online collaboration can bring new thoughts and ideas helpful for school management, classroom teaching, student management. Collaboration with other countries/school can change a teachers perspective to different culture & country. Use of ICT makes the classroom more interesting to students ICT in classroom is successful when students are engaged It is motivating for students to learn something as a part of project

Questions / Suggestions:

Questions / Suggestions

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Thank you for the time Khurshiduzzam Ahmed Head teacher Kaliganj KUP Pilot High School, Lalmonirhat E-mail:

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