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Biology Cell Model Projects : 

Biology Cell Model Projects Web Quest Activity

Cell Model Options : 

Cell Model Options All students will complete a cell model Chose any type of cell and get it approved by ME Sign-up for a cell - 10 pts Cardboard Plastic baggy Styrofoam Clay Other

Cell Exhibit - Cardboard : 

Cell Exhibit - Cardboard Title - cell type 3-d (cannot be drawn or a picture) Label or provide a Key Paragraph - typed and double spaced Standard Name

Cell Exhibit - Plastic baggyanimal cell only : 

Cell Exhibit - Plastic baggyanimal cell only Use two zip lock bags representing the plasma membrane Use corn syrup to represent the cytosol On an index card include a key to explain the organelles Include name & standard Three 7- 10 sentence paragraphs typed & double spaced on the animal cell, organelles and functions

Cell Exhibit Styrofoam, Clay or Jello : 

Cell Exhibit Styrofoam, Clay or Jello Pick a type of cell Be creative Include all organelles and functions Include name & standard Label organelles or provide a key Type a double spaced 7 to 10 sentence paragraph

Cell Exhibit Rubric - 65 pts : 

Cell Exhibit Rubric - 65 pts Animal Cell Includes: Cytoplasm Ribosomes Lysosomes Mitochondria Plasma/cell membrane Nucleus Golgi apparatus Smooth ER Rough ER Small Vacuole Plant Cell also includes: Chloroplast Cell wall Large Vacuoles

Cell Exhibit Rubric - 25 pts : 

Cell Exhibit Rubric - 25 pts Presentation Neatness Organization completeness Name Description Paragraph VERBAL Memorize information about the cell two to five minutes

Slide 8: 

Plant Cell

Slide 9: 

Animal Cell

Examples of a Key : 

Examples of a Key Ribosomes - red Mitochondria - green Lysosomes - blue Nucleus - yellow Golgi - purple Ribosomes - blue dots Mitochondria - jelly beans Lysosomes - red hots Nucleus - green clay Golgi bodies - green yarn

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