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Sensitive skin types need to pay greater attention to ingredients used in so called natural products for skin care. Here are some such safe ingredients.


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With the onset of winters, you must have started planning your intensive skin care regime, right? Cleansing, toning and moisturising your face must be topping the list. But aren’t you forgetting something? Whilst planning, don’t forget the most important part of your beautiful face - your lips! Yes, lips are a usually the first to be noticed on anyone’s face, especially healthy looking full lips. The skin of your lips is three times more sensitive than your facial skin. Hence, it requires if not thrice, at least equal care. Ever wonder why your lips have a natural pink shade to them? The top layer of the skin, the epidermis has a protective layer - the stratum corneum, which is very thin and transparent. This allows us to see the layers of blood vessels and capillaries, hence the pink hue. Your lips lack oil gland, which means they lack self-moisturising oil producing glands which can make your lips dry. This is why extra care for your delicate darlings is impertinent. Your lips are most likely to suffer these common afflictions, especially during winters - . Dryness . Chaps . Flakiness . Cracks and thus, bleeding


In order to protect your lips from these tribulations, you should follow a proper lip care regime with the right essential oils . The best way to use essential oil for lips is to use them in form of lip balms. One of the most beneficial essential oil is grapefruit essential oil. % * v No one wants to go through the heartbreak dry, flaky and chapped lips they cause. Try out our organic and oh so lovely ‘The Kilol Collective’ Wine Grapefruit Lip Butter curated with love for your tender lips. Wondering why here’s why: . Grapefruit has antibacterial properties which help in curing cold sore and chapped lips. . The antifungal qualities in grapefruit make it an elementary ingredient in lip balms. . It is known that wine has the presence of resveratrol in it. It is a compound which helps in curing bacteria and fungi. . It also protects your skin against harmful UV radiations as wine and grapefruit act as a natural sunscreen for lips.


To get maximum results - . Exfoliate your lips: Mix a few granules of sugar with honey and rub gently on your lips. Exfoliate well for 3-5 minutes, rinse well and pat dry. . Moisturising: Apply Khadi Essentials Wine Grapefruit Lip Butter to your lips immediately after exfoliation. It’s a bag essential to keep it handy and repeat application whenever necessary. . Don’t forget to apply this lip balm before going to bed. Let the ingredients work their magic overnight! Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial too for good lip health. Take good care of your skin and body and watch yourself radiate with positivity!

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