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Avian Bird Vet Melbourne recommends that cages should have solid wall to help your pet feel secure. If placed near a window, part of the cage should have a restricted view so your budgie can hide if feeling nervous or stressed. Visit us birdvetmelbourne.com/


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We a Melbourne based Bird Vet provide avian medications bird vet care and avian medical treatments. We treat various diseases of birds like psittacosis chlamydiosis fractures retained eggs infections and more with compassion and care. About Us

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Poultry T reatments Choose our expert poultry vets and poultry disease treatments for you laying birds. Our chicken vets understand complex chicken anatomy and physiology and give expert veterinary care and advice to keep hens in optimal health.

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Avian Diagnostic Endoscopy Melbourne Avian Diagnostic Endoscopy Melbourne is particularly useful in assessing respiratory and reproductive issues in birds. Our avian vet provides a variety of veterinary services in Melbourne.

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Bird Nail Clipping Our skilled avian vets handle bird nail clipping in a relaxed gentle low stress way. While also offering avian veterinary services bird pedicures and nail clipping producers are routine services at our Melbourne bird hospital.

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Book An Appointment With Us. Call:- 03 9808 9011 http://birdvetmelbourne.com/

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