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The following 10 slides represent a Sample Preview from this Training Presentation The complete “OSHA 600” based PowerPoint Presentation is available for subscribers to EH&S Manager Online.



Introduction : 

Introduction Hard hats, goggles, face shields, steel-toed shoes, respirators, aprons, gloves, and full body suits are all forms of personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE includes all clothing and other work accessories designed to create a barrier against workplace hazards. PPE should not be used as a substitute for engineering, work practice, and/or administrative controls.

Introduction : 

Introduction It is used in conjunction with these controls to provide for employee safety and health in the workplace. The key to a successful management program for PPE is an in-depth evaluation of the workplace hazards and the equipment needed to protect against the identified hazards.

Introduction : 

Introduction Management dedicated to the safety and health of employees should also use the evaluation to: Set a standard operating procedure for personnel Train employees on the protective limitations of PPE and on its proper use and maintenance.

Introduction : 

Introduction When using personal protective equipment, employees must be aware of the hazards and be trained to use the appropriate personal protective equipment. Employees must be aware that the equipment does not eliminate the hazard. If the equipment fails, exposure occurs. To reduce the possibility of failure, equipment must be properly fitted and maintained in a clean and serviceable condition.

Introduction : 

Introduction Selecting the right tool and right personal protective equipment for the job is critical. It is necessary that employers and employees understand the equipment's purpose and limitations. With such understanding, hopefully, employees will not alter or remove equipment because it is uncomfortable. Sometimes equipment may be made more comfortable simply by adjusting the fit.

Introduction : 

Introduction This module covers the following sections: General Requirements Eye and Face Protection Hearing Protection Respirator Protection Occupational Head Protection Occupational Foot Protection Hand Protection Electrical Protective Devices Safety Management.

Objectives : 

Objectives At the end of this Personal Protective Equipment module, you should be able to: Understand employer and employee responsibilities regarding personal protective equipment Understand factors influencing selection, use, and care of personal protective equipment Understand potential injuries caused by not wearing personal protective equipment.

General Requirements: 

General Requirements General Requirements "29 CFR 1910.132" `requires employers to ensure that personal protective equipment be "provided, used, and maintained in a sanitary and reliable condition wherever it is necessary..." to prevent injury. This includes protection for any part of the body from hazards through absorption, inhalation, or physical contact.

General Requirements: 

General Requirements For example, many hazards can threaten the torso: heat, splashes from hot metals and liquids, impacts, cuts, acids, and radiation. A variety of protective clothing is available: vests, jackets, aprons, coveralls, and full body suits.

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