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Birth Control Methods: 

Birth Control Methods (rev. 11/05)

Everyone needs a plan. : 

Everyone needs a plan. What is your birth control plan? Personal/individual Be prepared Set limits & commit (rev. 11/05)


Abstinence It’s ok to say, “No way.” No matter what other choices you’ve made in the past (rev. 11/05)

There are many ways to show you care: 

There are many ways to show you care Hold hands Tell the other person you love them Give or get a hug Talk openly about your feelings Have a picnic Talk a walk together Do homework together Go hiking together Go to the library Give compliments Send a funny card Be best friends Hide a love note where the other will find it Share an ice cream cone Respect each other Find out what makes the other person happy Cook each other food Bake cookies Choose a special song Find out what’s special for the other person and do it Share your dreams (rev. 11/05)


Abstinence 100% effective Eliminates most threats of STDs No drugs or devices Private (rev. 11/05)

Where does fertilization take place?: 

Where does fertilization take place? (rev. 11/05)

Barrier Methods: 

Barrier Methods Female condom Male condom Spermicides Diaphragm IUD: ParaGard & Mirena (rev. 11/05)

Male Condom: 

Male Condom Only wimps say, “It doesn’t feel the same with a condom.” (rev. 11/05)


Condoms 90-98% effective More effective with spermicide Easily available Protects against STDs Reliability varies due to improper use Polyurethane condoms for latex allergy Must use new condom every time (rev. 11/05)


(rev. 11/05)

Female Condom: 

Female Condom It looks funny … but it still works. (rev. 11/05)


Spermicides 85-90% effective easy availability possible irritation Must be inserted before each act of intercourse (rev. 11/05)

Early Spermicides: 

Early Spermicides Crocodile dung, honey Plants Cotton soaked with lemon (rev. 11/05)

Diaphragm (Rx): 

Diaphragm (Rx) (rev. 11/05)


Diaphragm 86-97% effective Can be inserted 1 hour before intercourse Must be used with spermicide Must leave in 6-8 hours after intercourse Not for people with a Latex allergy (rev. 11/05)

IUD - Intrauterine Device (Rx): 

IUD - Intrauterine Device (Rx) (rev. 11/05)


IUD Releases hormone into the lining of the uterus Good for five years 99% effective No hormones Good for 10 years 99% effective Best candidates have had children and are in a single partner/long-term relationship Mirena ParaGard (rev. 11/05)

Hormonal Methods: 

Hormonal Methods The “Pill” The “Patch” NuvaRing Depo-Provera Hormonal methods do not protect against STDs. (rev. 11/05)

The Pill (Rx): 

The Pill (Rx) Just one little pill every day… in over 40 different kinds. (rev. 11/05)

The Pill: 

The Pill 98-99% effective May make periods more comfortable No protection against STDs May decrease acne (rev. 11/05)

The “Patch” Ortho Evra (Rx): 

The “Patch” Ortho Evra (Rx) Can be worn in four different spots on the body Can be worn in the shower, while swimming or exercising Change once a week 99% effective (rev. 11/05)


NuvaRing Flexible ring fit into a woman’s vagina Releases a steady stream of hormones Remove after three weeks 99% effective (rev. 11/05)

Depo-Provera (Rx): 

Depo-Provera (Rx) A shot every 10 -13 wks 99% effective (rev. 11/05)

Other Methods: 

Other Methods Sterilization Rhythm (rev. 11/05)


Sterilization 99-100% effective Requires surgery Usually irreversible (rev. 11/05)


Withdrawal Not a form of birth control! (rev. 11/05)


Rhythm I got rhythm ... OOPS, I got pregnant. (rev. 11/05)

Things That Don’t Work: 

Things That Don’t Work Wishful thinking Creative positions Swimming pools or hot tubs You need a plan! (rev. 11/05)

Emergency Contraception: 

Emergency Contraception 75% - 95% effective Works up to 5 days (120 hours) after intercourse Does not affect an already established pregnancy (rev. 11/05)

Birth Control Myths: 

Birth Control Myths You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex If you jump up and down real fast after sex, you’ll confuse the sperm You can’t get pregnant if you have sex during your period (rev. 11/05)


If you go to the bathroom after sex, you won’t get pregnant Birth control is the woman’s responsibility (rev. 11/05)

Where to get more information: 

Where to get more information Parents Physicians Health department/clinics School nurse/counselor (rev. 11/05)

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