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Engaging questions of Literacy and mobile learning


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Engaging Students in & Out of the Classroom:

Engaging Students in & Out of the Classroom Mobile Learning in the 21 st Century Classroom Presentation by Kerri Valesey

Movement Away from 20th Century Instruction:

Movement Away from 20 th C entury Instruction Traditional education is not geared to contemporary students Today’s world is hyper-connected Information is available 24/7/365 Job market is different

21st Century Skills:

21 st Century Skills

How to effectively move from 20th to 21st century?:

How to effectively move from 20 th to 21 st century? The 2013 Horizon report Mobile Learning BYOD

Bring your own Device Benefits(BYOD):

Bring your own Device Benefits (BYOD) Educational support Interaction Management Wider Access Special Education

Disadvantages BYOD:

Disadvantages BYOD Cost Size of Device Battery Life Technology Limitations Usability

Consider Implementation:

Consider Implementation How-to Guide: Discuss with administration. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. Ask your students for their help! Set realistic expectations Plan Thoroughly Aim for Universality


Considerations There are schools where BYOD is successful BYOD aims (and may potentially succeed) to close the achievement gap Some schools just don’t have the funds. BYOD must be in the hands of a seriously controlled and well managed classroom.


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