Welcome to the Roaring twenties

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A PowerPoint highlighting the cultural significance of the roaring twenties


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Welcome to the Roaring twenties:

Welcome to the Roaring twenties A New American Culture

The End Of the war:

The End Of the war Germany signs Armistice 11-18-1918 Americans are left with “Lost Generation” Americans living more carefree lives Who knows their death date?

A Consumer society:

A Consumer society The nation’s wealth more than doubled Extra wealth spent on consumer goods American’s needed ways to entertain themselves Radio stations and movies became available

inventions of the 20’s:

inventions of the 20’s Insulin developed in 1922 Band-Aid: Earl Dickson in 1921 Traffic Signal: Garrett Morgan in 1923 Home refrigerator widely available by 1927

The Automobile:

The Automobile Most important consumer product of 1920’s Generous credit made cars affordable Became necessities by the late 1920’s 1 for every 5 Americans Service stations and motels were born

A new Woman:

A new Woman 19 th amendment ratified in 1920 Women acquired the right to vote Women worked white collar jobs Women became “unladylike” Flappers


Prohibition 18 th amendment to constitution ratified Banned sale and manufacture of “intoxicating liquors” Seen as a way to control unruly immigrants Drove liquor trade underground

Underground liquor Trade:

Underground liquor Trade Speakeasies took place of ordinary bars Controlled by bootleggers, racketeers and gangsters Organized crime emerged because of complexity Al Capone and his organized crime

Free Write:

Free Write In your opinion, what was the most exciting part of the 1920’s?

Great Migration:

Great Migration African Americans move north from south Northern cities saw increased black culture Jazz and blues became popular genres Felt like they could express creativity

Harlem Renaissance :

Harlem Renaissance Revival of African American arts Creation of arts could uplift race Americans saw a increase of Black literacy Used their art to prove humanity

Ku Klux Klan:

Ku Klux Klan Increasing black culture discomforted white Americans Represented a return to old values Millions joined from Illinois and Indiana Exceeded four million members nationwide Also targeted Jews, Catholics and “un-Americans”

Immigration restrictions :

Immigration restrictions Extremely restrictive immigration laws enacted National origins act of 1924 Set quotas of who could immigrate Asians and Eastern Europeans were excluded Northern Europeans and British were favored

Scopes Trial:

Scopes Trial Also referred to as scopes monkey trial Butler Act- illegal to teach evolution 1925 Scopes taught evolution in class Was found guilty and was fined $100 Theological contest on modern science

Free Write:

Free Write Does the term “Cultural Civil War” fit the 1920’s?


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