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Source : http://www.kelvinindia.in Water, a usual and vital reserve is unquestionably one of essential elements of human’s lives. Despite the fact that it is unadulterated by the environment, the cleanliness of water is reducing by means of the contagion of diverse causes like as pollution, chemicals, and numerous organic substances. It, as a result, turns out to be unhealthy for drinking or any further helpful/ valuable reasons. The usage of water management plant is one amongst unlike/ dissimilar process created by humans so as to preserve this valuable natural reserve from being diminished. It is therefore treated so as to make it appropriate for the consumption by beings via several procedures. The rising population rates have led to the subsequent decrease in the accessibility of water. With the raising needs recycling is a must so as to fulfill the demands. There are various ways of water management plants. Various types of tools are being used so as to clean water from pollution & etc many other harmful things. Chlorinating, coagulating, sterilizing, sediment-ting and filtrating are several widespread procedures.


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Welcome to Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd:

Welcome to Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd Kelvin Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd are one of the fastest and gradually growing water and waste water treatment company in India. We have vast experience in providing wide range of best and smart solutions for water and waste water treatment problems. http://www.kelvinindia.in/

Why Us?:

Why Us? Our water and waste water treatment plants are the best choice for you because of the following factors: * Combination of latest and best technologies * Experienced and expert team * Exceptional after sale * service and support * Very competetive price * Latest products with best quality * Flawless execution and start up * And last but not least, satisfied customers

OUR Services :

OUR Services When customers choose to purchase our products we understand that what they're really investing in is the service and relationship that experts of Kelvin Water Technologies Provide. Kelvin Water Technologies have a unique combination of outstanding service, high quality products and best technical experts. Through this combination we are providing customers with water treatment services that maximize system effectiveness. With the best solutions Kelvin Water Technologies provides best, reasonable and predictable prices and most of the time these Prices are half of the competing water treatment companies. Services range from status monitoring right through to analyses, inspection, plant service and spare parts procurement to emergency services for unscheduled troubleshooting.

Our Products:

Our Products

Features of Kelvin Water Technologies RO System :

Features of Kelvin Water Technologies RO System Provide pure, clean and mineral water which is free from bacteria, viruses & impurities. * Fully automatic system. * NO chemicals are being used which could be harmful for health. * Tasty water by removing TDS or extra salt from the raw water * Easy, Quick and durable installation * Faster and timely operation and services * Well integrated system * Material of construction PVC/SS * Only approved tested parts and items are used * Compact and modular RO blocks. * Required pipe length to reduce system resistance

Our Clients:

Our Clients Kelvin's customers include reputated and well known leaders in a variety of sectors and industries. These sectors includes educational institutes, universities, Hospitals, hotels, companies, Societies, laboratory and in various sectors. The following represents a partial client list :- Industries Universities Educational Institutes Other Sectors Like :- Hospitals Hotels Warehouses Municipal Corporations Courts Food And Beverages Housing Societies Refineries Laboratories

Our Vision:

Our Vision To be globally recognized as the first choice technology in delivering biologically solution for water treatment. Our mission Kelvin Water Technologies mission is to consistantaly provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost effective and sustainable water treatment products and services to our valued customers, in order to satisfy their specific water service delivery needs and objectives.

Benefits of RO System or RO Plant :

Clean and Dust free water Cost Effective Contains features of Boiling water Natural taste Benefits of RO System or RO Plant

Essential Process of Wastewater Treatment:

Essential Process of Wastewater Treatment Accumulation of Waste Water Controlling the Odor Dispose off large objects Primary treatment Secondary Treatment Removal of Bio-solids Tertiary treatment Disinfection

Contact Us:

Contact Us Kelvin Water Technologies - Corporate Office New Railway Road, Front of Ahuja Eye & Dental Hospital, Gurgaon(HR), Pin: 122001 MOBILE: +91-9812646262, 9812241001, Mr. Aryan Dinesh Kumar Mobile : +919812241001 Mr. Hitesh Aryan (Manager Sales) Mobile : +919812646262 Phone : +91 9812241001, 9992039030 Email: info@kelvinindia.in, kelvinindiaservices@gmail.com Web: www.kelvinindia.in

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