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Keller Products Inc provides the facilities to manufacture custom plastic extrusions in any quantity. We also help you to manufacture small quantity for prototype projects. Keller Products Inc provides the facilities to manufacture custom plastic extrusions in any quantity.


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Custom Materials and Designs At Keller we do it all. If you need it chances are we can make it. From flame-retardant to nanotechnology profiles we are pleased to offer you a number of unique materials and designs to fit your needs. Our solid partnerships with leading custom compounders help us to ensure that our products can meet some of the industry’s most rigorous standards. Our established relationships enable us to realize benefits that we are able to pass along to our customers. For example if you are unsure of your needs and want to test various compounds and resins our partners will provide us with custom-formulated materials in the amount required to provide you with prototypes. One of the things that set us apart from other companies is our ability to do custom plastic extrusions tailored to your needs. It’s part of our versatility and our commitment to customer service. Since our founding we have been producing profiles in standard designs right alongside custom compounds and profile designs. If you come to us with a challenging design or a custom plastic extrusion we’ll provide you with an innovative economical solution that works for you. It’s what we do. With over 40 years of experience extruding both standard profiles and custom plastic extrusions we can confidently say we’ve seen it all. Our team has a combined 120 years of experience many of that spent working on custom plastic extrusions for customers. We’re comfortable adapting to change and being flexible so that our factory floor makes the necessary tweaks and changes to meet your needs. Our industry-leading design assistance and customer service programs are second to none. When you give us a call you’ll find we work with you to provide advice suggestions and information about your profile design needs. Some of the services we offer include:  Free design engineering and assistance  3D printing and rapid prototyping  Coextrusion  Hollow profiles  Custom compounds  Free tooling and other programs We have a number of tools at our disposal to aid in the design process – even with your complex custom design needs. AutoCAD and 3D printing stereolithography are two of our most powerful techniques to get you the most accurate model possible – at low or no cost to you. Not sure what you need Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. With our two machine shops we can offer inexpensive prototype tooling in as little as 72 hours – and we’d be happy to do so. Click the links below to learn more about the different unique profiles we offer.

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 Antimicrobial  Biodegradable  Flame Retardant  Glow-in-the-Dark KelBrite  Medical Profiles  Nanocomposites  NSF/Latex Free  Wood Composite Recycled Materials Contribute to Sustainability At Keller Products we use recycled plastic in many of our profiles. Plastics technology allows us to make use of recycled materials in virtually any profile design eliminating waste and saving you money. Recycled plastic profiles are just as strong durable and flexible as profiles manufactured from new or “virgin” plastic. We’re committed to our customers and to sustainable business practices. Recycling plastic material is a simple cost-effective method of practicing “Green Chemistry” a guideline that Keller Products strives to follow in order to reduce our environmental impact. The “Principles of Green Chemistry” At Keller we continually strive to create new and better processes using cutting edge materials that are human and eco-friendly. Because of our knowledgeable staff and years of experience we can create green plastic profiles with a smaller environmental footprint. We are a leading original equipment manufacturer OEM supplier of environmentally sustainable plastic profiles. Advances in recycling programs and waste-to-energy technologies are bolstering public awareness and support for increased sustainable recycling programs and the development of better “earth-friendly” plastics. We utilize both post-consumer and post-industrial materials as well as bio-based resins in our plastic extruded profiles. Keller Products can help you become “green” – we have the experience and the know how. We have the capability to recycle the following plastic materials:  Polycarbonate  Polyethylene  Polypropylene  Polystyrene  TPVs Polycarbonate Keller Products utilizes post-industrial and post-consumer recycled Polycarbonate plastic in its Polycarbonate plastic profiles. Large scale industry and commercial recycling programs for

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Polycarbonate are rapidly increasing with industry-wide recycling programs in the planning stages. Polyethylene Keller Products can use recycled Polyethylene in its profiles LDPE and HDPE. Large-scale municipally sponsored recycling programs exist for HDPE. Recycled Polyethylene HDPE is used to produce bottles for cleaners drainage pipe trash containers benches fencing and lumber. Programs for recycling LDPE are becoming much more popular – some supermarkets offer recycling for plastic shopping bags. Recycled Polyethylene LDPE is used to produce trash and grocery bags plastic tubing agricultural film and lumber. Polypropylene Keller Products uses recycled Polypropylene plastic in its Polypropylene plastic profiles. Polypropylene carries the Recycle Resin Identification Code 5. Although many municipal recycling programs have yet to adopt programs for recycling Polypropylene commercial recycling programs are on the rise. Recycled Polypropylene is used in the production of brooms brushes trays rakes bins and pallets. Polystyrene There is an increasing market for non-foodservice polystyrene recycling to reduce landfill waste. Corporate programs for recycling protective wrap foam shape-molded pieces and protective fill are increasing. Millions of pounds of polystyrene are recycled each year into thermal insulation light switch plates trays vents and innovative “green building” products. TPVs TPV is an engineering-grade plastic that can be recycled and used in the manufacturing process of new plastic extrusions. TPV rubber granules will be used in the process of manufacturing TPV rubber extrusions. For more information about custom plastic extrusions please visit our

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