Case Study: Akron Children’s Hospital 2

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Case study of a children's hospital and the development of necessary research to determine how to increase patronage.


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Akron Children’s Hospital:

Survey Questions Akron Children’s Hospital


Income What is your yearly income? Less than 24,999 25,000 to 49,999 50,000 to 99,999 100,000 to 199,999 200,000 or more Why? Who chooses Akron? What is the range of clients? What factor cost plays?

Zip Code:

Zip Code Please supply the zip code of your residence. Where?

Factors of Influence:

Factors of Influence Which factor has the most influence in your decision to choose a children’s hospital? Cost Quality of Care Proximity to hospital Reputation Accepted Insurance Recommendation Prior Visits Find emerging theme and patterns in data to guide future marketing.

Prior Visits:

Prior Visits How would you rate your previous experience at Akron Children’s Hospital? Very unsatisfied Somewhat unsatisfied Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied Never visited before. Rationale: to determine repeats.

Quality of Care:

Quality of Care How would you rate Akron Children’s Hospital’s quality of care? Very unsatisfied Somewhat unsatisfied Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied Rationale: satisfaction of care.

Hear About:

Hear About How did you initially hear about us? Doctor Friends/Family Advertisements Internet Other ______ Rationale: “Where is my lead generation?”-Dr. Becker


Commercials How influential were our commercials in your decision to use Akron Children’s Hospital? Very influential Somewhat influential Not influential at all I did not see/hear them Rationale: Determine effectiveness/awareness of commercials

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