Xmas 2011


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Arrangements almost finished…:

Arrangements almost finished …

only have to decorate christmas tree…:

only have to decorate christmas tree …

And the christmas shall begin…:

And the christmas shall begin … But Christmas is not only Christmas Eve, tree and gifts… …it’s also wafer that we share and the wishes we give …it’s carols singing with family and friends … it’s a time of forgiveness for what it was and hope for what is coming …it’s most of all warmth of the people with whom you spend it and joy you share with them.

Christmas time:

Christmas time A time to rejoice In the good that we see A time for living A time for believing A time for trusting Not deceiving Love and laughter And joy ever after

Merry christmas:

Merry christmas And that’s what I wish You for the Christmas time and for all New 2012 Year

Happy new year!!!:

Happy new year !!! P.S. And a great New Year’s Eve party ;-)

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