Try to avoid common website mistakes

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Website is the vital one for your business. So try to design your website easy to use for viewers.


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Try To Avoid Common Website Mistakes:

Try To Avoid Common Website Mistakes Given by, Arthur L. Straight,

Avoid complicated web design:

Website is the vital one for your business. So try to design your website easy to use for viewers. You have to avoid the complex design for your site. Choose the simple elements, colors that must improve your websites visibility and user experience. Construct simple navigation and provide “alt” text to the images. Avoid complicated web design

Broken links:

Bad links will losses the website rate. Remove the error pages like 404 pages and broken links from your site. Most of all business have their own social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more on their website. Don’t use broken social networking links of your business. Test your website and do this changes. Broken links

Slow loading time:

Loading time is the central thing to your website. Most of the web users are willing to attention in fast loading site. So make it fast. No one can’t wait for a website with slow loading process. Viewers can give 2-3 seconds only to load the websites. Bangalorewebdesigncompany will help you to improve your website loading speed. Slow loading time

Avoid poor content:

Every website need have fresh and latest content. Just leave the outdated information. Give enough spaces between images and text. It creates best readability and visibility. Content must be reliable and updated information, that are not only new updates but it specifies correct information's. Avoid poor content

Complicated forms:

Registration and contact forms must be popular and easy to use. Try to avoid the complicated design forms. Create latest and unique forms but it must be functional. Complicated forms


Follow these above tips to avoid mistakes while you are creating websites for your business or personal use. Source From http :// / Conclusion

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