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Hair loss at young ages like mid 20's is very frustrating. Here are 10 Reasons of Hair Loss In Mid 20’s. Hair Loss Treatment in Sarjapur Road To Know More Click,"


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10 Main Reasons For Hair Loss In Your Mid 20’s:

10 Main Reasons For Hair Loss In Your Mid 20’s - Insights offered by    Dr. Kavitha GV Mandal Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

It is very difficult to digest that at the age of 20 or 30 one can become bald. Age is not a criterion for hair loss. There is much other reason for hair loss, so let us discuss :

It is very difficult to digest that at the age of 20 or 30 one can become bald. Age is not a criterion for hair loss . There is much other reason for hair loss, so let us discuss “10 MAIN REASONS RESPONSIBLE FOR PREMATURE HAIR LOSS”

1. Stress:

1. Stress During stress our body response totally different. When our body is stressed, blood supply and nutrition are supplied to the important organ of the body, with very less amount of nutrients left for hair. Shortage of blood supply and nutrition to the hair follicles leads to graying of hair and premature hair fall

2. Excessive Smoking:

2. Excessive Smoking Smoking is bad for health and even for hair. Smoking can cause hair loss . Smoking cigarettes can damage the hair follicles DNA which leads to hair thinning.

3. Anemia:

3. Anemia Anemia is caused due to deficiency of iron. Iron Deficiency causes pale skin, fatigue, feeling cold all the time and hair loss.

4. Excessive Hairstyling:

4. Excessive Hairstyling Excessive usage of hairstyling and coloring can damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. It makes the hair dry and brittle, can cause the hair strands to break.

5. Alopecia:

5. Alopecia Alopecia is a condition where the immune system of our body attacks hair follicles. Hair follicles become smaller and stop producing hair and lead to hair loss . It usually results in spot baldness.

6. Diet and Lifestyle:

6. Diet and Lifestyle A healthy diet can make one healthy and glossy. If one does not take essential nutrients from the food its effect can be seen on hairs as well

7. Hereditary:

7. Hereditary Hereditary pattern baldness a condition that is caused by the combination of genetics, hormone and aging process. In hereditary pattern baldness, people start losing their hair and slowly progress towards complete hair loss in patches.

8. Hormonal Imbalance:

8 . Hormonal Imbalance If female estrogen is the hormone responsible for proper hair growth. If the estrogen production is high it can lead to hair thinning and leads t to hair loss. In a male, when testosterone is converted into DHT, it shrinks the hair follicles which cause shorter hair and eventually hair growth stops.

9. Scalp Infections:

9 . Scalp Infections Scalp infection is a condition called Scalp folliculitis. Folliculitis can cause soreness and itching and affects hair follicles on the scalp . If the folliculitis is very severe, it may even cause the inflammation which may damage the hair follicles which leads to bald spots on the scalp.

10. Hypothyroidism:

10. Hypothyroidism Thyroid disease is one of the medical conditions which can affect our hair growth . So proper function of the thyroid gland is important and abnormal production of thyroid leads to hair changes.


Conclusion Diet, exercise, avoiding stress can play a very important role in proper hair care. Luckily in most of the case hair problem can be solved and hair grows back and hair loss can be reversed if proper care and medication are done.

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