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Modern concrete batch plants (both Wet mix and Dry mix) employ computer aided control to assist in the fast and accurate measurement of input constituents or ingredients.


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PAGE 1 What is a Concrete Plant A concrete plant used in constructing structures is an equipment that blends different ingredients to form concrete. Some of the ingredients include water air admixtures sand and aggregate fly as silica fume slag and cement. It is also referred to as a batch plant or batching plant or a concrete batching plant. Now that we have an idea about what a batching plant does let’s look at the types of concrete plants.

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PAGE 2 There are two types of concrete batching plants. 1. Ready Mix Plants: This plant blends all ingredients except water. The mixture achieved is transported into a ready mix truck. Later water is added to the mix in the truck and mixed well during transport to the construction site. 2. Central Mix Plants: This type of plant blends some or all of the required ingredients including water at a central location. The final mixture is transferred to the site. With Central Mix Plants it is possible to get a more consistent product as all the ingredients are mixed in a central location. As the plant is computer assisted it is easy to ensure product uniformity. A concrete plant can have different types of parts and accessories which are used in conjunction to achieve the desired mixture. Let’s take a brief look at how it helps achieve construction requirements through its operations. A concrete plant is operated with the use of a computer to input the required measures of concrete. After the button is pressed various measurements of inputs get transferred into the mixer. The resulting mix is used based on the type of concrete plant used. Wet mix macadam plant or concrete batching plants must be ordered as per your specific requirements of concrete so that you can achieve the desired results.

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