Preparing For A University Open Day

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Some tips on how to prepare for a University Open Day from Apply To Uni


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Preparing For A University Open Day:

Preparing For A University Open Day

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If you’re not sure what to expect, or how best to prepare, have a quick read of these suggestions to get you thinking a little bit before you go. So you’ve made the decision of what you want to study, and you have a rough idea of where you want to go, now comes the final hurdle, University Open Days.

Book Your Place In Advance:

Some Universities have limited places so don’t leave it to chance by just showing up on the day as you might get turned away. Booking a place gives you the added benefit of being able to plan everything in advance and not leaving everything to chance on the day. Book Your Place In Advance

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As soon as you book you will be given a confirmation email that will ensure registering on the day will be much quicker and hassle free. You will also receive a copy of the programme for the Open Day as soon as it has been published, which means you can structure your visit weeks in advance and are able to take advantage of as many things that are on offer during the day.

Plan Your Journey:

You don’t want to turn up flustered and late so make sure you prepare your travel routes and timescales in advance. T ake into consideration what time of day you are going and whether any delays can be predicted. Give yourself a little extra time if you are travelling in a town or city you’re not familiar with. Plan Your Journey

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It’s better to show up early than be remembered as the person who turned up a bumbling , sweaty mess on the Open Day. You may be spending the next three years with these people and first impressions are important. Punctuality is not a bad quality to have.

Research & Prepare Questions:

Don’t waste the opportunity a University Open Day has given you. If you have questions regarding anything you have seen on the prospectus, now is the time to ask. Research & Prepare Questions

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During the day you will probably get the chance to speak to staff and existing students so you will have the perfect opportunity to get to know what it’s really like to live and study at this university. Don’t be shy, , there’s nothing these people haven’t heard before.

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Preparation is the key. Sit down and have a think about what you want further information on or if anything may need further clarification for you and write these questions down. Don’t leave it to chance on the day or you could end up kicking yourself over missed opportunities on the way home.

Other Things To Consider:

Further education isn’t just about picking the right course choices. T here are so many other things to consider such as accommodation and costs, things that aren’t always accounted for in the prospectus or covered in an Open Day. If something isn’t clear either send a quick email or call the university and they will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you. Other Things To Consider

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