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Get complete detail on 220-1002 exam guide to crack CompTIA A+. You can collect all information on 220-1002 tutorial, practice test, books, study material, exam questions, and syllabus. Firm your knowledge on CompTIA A+and get ready to crack 220-1002 certification. Explore all information on 220-1002 exam with number of questions, passing percentage and time duration to complete test.


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How to Prepare for CompTIA 220-1002 Certification Make 220-1002 Certification Exam Easy with

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Exam Code 220-1002 Full Exam Name CompTIA A+ Number of Questions 90 Practice Exams CompTIA 220-1002 Certification Practice Exam Passing Score 700 / 900 Time Limit 120 mins Schedule Exam Pearson VUE 220-1002 Exam Detail Enjoy success with

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• Perform enough practice with CompTIA system with related CompTIA 220- 1002 certification subjects • Identify the key configuration workflow and data flow • Understand the all Syllabus Topics of Exam which are Given in Description. • Identify your weak areas from practice test and do more practice with system • Repeat practice exams and try to score 100 on How to Prepare for 220-1002 Enjoy success with

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220-1002 Exam Questions Enjoy success with

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Option. a Pairing b Infrared c NFC d VPN Q 1 How do you connect a Bluetooth microphone headset to a laptop Enjoy success with

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a Pairing ANSWER Enjoy success with

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Option. a Identify the problem. b Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem. c Document findings actions and outcomes. d Test the theory to determine the cause. Q 2 According to troubleshooting theory what should you do immediately after establishing a theory of probable cause Enjoy success with

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ANSWER Enjoy success with d Test the theory to determine the cause.

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Q 3 You may install this type of malware because it appears to be a harmless program. Enjoy success with Option. a Spam b Worm c Trojan horse d Rootkit

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ANSWER c Trojan horse Enjoy success with

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Q 4 When two nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices don’t recognize each other what is likely the problem Enjoy success with Option. a The devices need to be touching. b One of the devices isn’t set to be discoverable. c Wi-Fi is not enabled. d Interference exists from a nearby cordless landline phone.

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ANSWER Enjoy success with b One of the devices isn’t set to be discoverable.

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Q 5 Where in the Control Panel would you go to set up the offline files feature in Windows Enjoy success with Option. a Sync Center b File Options c Network and Sharing Center d Internet Options

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ANSWER Enjoy success with a Sync Center

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• For more information on CompTIA Certification please refer to FAQs • A CompTIA certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees • The fees information are for the informative purposes and do not serve as an official offering and are subject to change • Focus on the guide for online registration and you will very soon find it out More Info on CompTIA Certification Enjoy success with

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