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Get complete detail on 70-483 exam guide to crack Programming in C#. You can collect all information on 70-483 tutorial, practice test, books, study material, exam questions, and syllabus. Firm your knowledge on Programming in C# and get ready to crack 70-483 certification. Explore all information on 70-483 exam with number of questions, passing percentage and time duration to complete test.


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1 WWW.EDUSUM.COM Microsoft 70-483 Exam Details:- Exam Name Exam Code Exam Price Duration Number of Questions Passing Score Books / Training Schedule Exam Practice Exam

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2 WWW.EDUSUM.COM 01. When you create an abstract method how do you use that method in a derived class a. You must overload the method in your derived class. b. You must override the method in your derived class. c. Abstract methods cannot be used in derived classes. d. You need to declare the method as virtual in your derived class. Ans. B 02. Which the following statements about the this keyword is false a. A constructor can use at most one this statement. b. A constructor can use a this statement and a base statement if the base statement comes first. c. The this keyword lets a constructor invoke a different constructor in the same class. d. If a constructor uses a this statement its code is executed after the invoked constructor is executed. Ans. B 03. How do you execute a method as a task a. Create a new Task object and then call the Start method on the newly created object. b. Create the task via the Task.Run method. c. Create the task via the Task.Factory.StartNew method. d. All the above. e. None of the above. Ans. D

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3 WWW.EDUSUM.COM 04. What is a strong name assembly a. An assembly with the name marked as bold b. An assembly with a major and minor version specified c. An assembly with a full version specified d. An assembly with the culture info specified e. A signed assembly Ans. E 05. Which statement selects an anonymous type a. select h.City h.State b. select h c. select new h.City h.State d. select h.City h.State Ans. C 06. Which of the following is a valid delegate definition a. private delegate float MyDelegatefloat b. private delegate MyDelegatex c. private delegate MyDelegatefloat x d. private delegate void MyDelegatefloat x Ans. D 07. Which properties of an ADO.NET Command object must you set to execute a stored procedure a. CommandTypeStoredProcedureNameParameters b. IsStoredProcedureCommandTypeStoredProcedureNameParameters c. CommandTypeCommandTextParameters d. IsStoredProcedureCommandTextParameters Ans. C

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4 WWW.EDUSUM.COM 08. How can you deploy a private assembly Choose two. a. By running gacutil.exe b. By adding a reference to the assembly in Visual Studio c. By copying the file in the Bin folder of the application d. By copying the file in C:\Windows folder Ans. B C 09. Which of the following statements about statement lambdas is false a. A statement lambda can include more than one statement. b. A statement lambda cannot return a value. c. A statement lambda must use braces . d. If a statement lambda returns a value it must use a return statement. Ans. B 10. Which where clause returns all integers between 10 and 20 a. where i 10 and i 20 b. where i 10 i 20 c. where i gt 10 and i lt 20 d. where i gt 10 i lt 20 Ans. B VISIT

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