October 2103 ELL Coordination

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ELL Coordination October 2013

Our Agenda:

Our Agenda

FYI: Coding:

FYI: Coding ESP coding: LEP, M1, M2, Exited YES Deadline: October 15 th TEA Fall Snapshot: October 27 th Me If new students enroll…

FYI: ESL Certification:

FYI: ESL Certification

FYI: ELL Certification:

FYI: ELL Certification At home Content day On campuses I will contact NON-certified teachers via email to let them know the plan soon.

October Tasks:

October Tasks

October Tasks:

October Tasks

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet We are coding for you in ESP. We need YOU to indicate your own LEP students in our system-wide At-Risk Spreadsheet on Office 365. DUE: Tuesday, October 15 th COB

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet 1. Access spreadsheet on 365 via Katie’s email. 2. Click on your campus tab at the bottom.

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet 3. Click “Edit Workbook” at the top. 4 . Click “Edit in Excel W eb App”.

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet 5. Scroll to the right to see the orange column headers. 6. Locate the column labeled “10”. This is where we will place our LEP indicator for our LEP students.

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet 7 . Using your campus ELL roster, put a “Y” in column 10 for every student who is LEP . Notes: You do NOT need to indicate M1, M2, or Exited. You also do not need to indicate “N”, only “Y”. See examples below: Y Y

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet 8. Once you’ve entered a “Y” for every LEP student on your campus, you can exit the spreadsheet. Excel Web App will save your work automatically – it’s magical.

At-Risk Spreadsheet:

At-Risk Spreadsheet You’re done! Email Katie to let her know you have completed this task.

October Tasks:

October Tasks

Why & How:

Why & How Organized documentation Keep hard copies Lives in registrars office with the student’s permanent record. DUE: Friday, November 8 th COB

Folder Specifications :

Folder Specifications Store: Staples Produce #: 614615 Price: $94.99/20 pack *Recycle/reuse folders from exiting M2 students, as they’re very expensive. If you need more, order through your campus front office.

Folder Orientation:

1 2 4 6 3 5 Folder Orientation

Tab #1: Home Language Survey :

Tab #1: Home Language Survey If there multiple copies, keep the OLDEST one. By law, we only need to keep the OLDEST HLS May be from elementary school

Tab #2: LPAC Documentation :

Tab #2: LPAC Documentation All LPAC paperwork (elementary + YES Prep Organize oldest (back) to newest (top)

Tab #3: Test Scores :

Tab #3: Test Scores Official TELPAS scores STAAR, TAKS, Stanford, etc.

Tab #4: Report Cards :

Tab #4: Report Cards All report cards for the student. Most recent report card on top.

Tab #5: TELPAS Writing Samples :

Tab #5: TELPAS Writing Samples Staple all samples from one year together Most recent writing samples on top Keep student writing samples for 3 years Can discard any older than 3 years

Tab #6: Parent Communication/Signed Forms :

Tab #6: Parent Communication/Signed Forms Any forms that have a parent signature Permission to participate in the ESL program

October Tasks:

October Tasks


Remember… Accommodations must be used consistently in the classroom for them to be effective! YOU are the point person for linguistic accommodations! Work closely with Sped and follow ALL IEPs.

Allowed Accommodations:

Allowed Accommodations ELLS and Linguistic Accommodations on CAs (DROPBOX)

Plan for Accommodations:

Plan for Accommodations DUE: Monday, October 21 st COB

Plan for Accommodations:

Plan for Accommodations WHAT do we need? WHO do we need? Will SCHEDULING be involved? COMMUNICATE the plan.

October Tasks:

October Tasks

Submit Accommodations:

Submit Accommodations Spreadsheet on DROPBOX DUE: Monday, October 21 st COB

October Tasks:

October Tasks

Check Teacher Accommodation Use:

Check Teacher Accommodation Use

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