Webinar 2_September 2013 ELL Coordination

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ELL Coordination September 2013

September Tasks:

September Tasks

September Tasks:

September Tasks

Finish Enrolling:

Finish Enrolling Let’s get this done by September 30 th !!

September Tasks:

September Tasks

Notify Parents (forms in Dropbox):

Notify Parents (forms in Dropbox ) Non-LEP LEP General Education Classroom LPAC Meeting Placement: ESL Program Parent Notification Coded in PIEMS as LEP What if a parent denies ESL Placement? Within 10 days of the LPAC Keep the signed parent letters!

September Tasks:

September Tasks

Submit ELL Roster:

Submit ELL Roster Submit final ELL Roster in Excel to Katie by September 30 th

September Tasks:

September Tasks

Train Teachers:

Train Teachers A plan for each LEP student

Train Teachers: Possible Accommodations:

Train Teachers: Possible Accommodations Help ELLs demonstrate mastery without compromising rigor or expectations for achievement. Explore Dropbox Folder: Accommodations & Best Practices

Train Teachers: Best Practices:

Train Teachers: Best Practices

Begin Documentation:

Begin Documentation

September Tasks:

September Tasks

Submit Teacher Certification Status:

Submit Teacher Certification Status Submit teacher certification status roster in Excel to Katie by September 30 th

Coming up… :

Coming up… October Webinar: Coding ELLS in PEIMS Common assessment accommodations Creating student folders ESL Certification Plan

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