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PowerPoint Presentation: (212) 966-3991 Chemical Peels by VI Peel

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Chemical Peels in New York

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Benefits of Chemical Peels Enhance the tone and texture of the skin Downsize large pores Reduce acne and acne scars Simulate collagen and elastin production Deal with hyperpigmentation and sun damage Decrease wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging Help remove pre-cancerous cells -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Chemical Peels by VI Peel FAQ Does it have a downtime? No, it doesn’t. You can resume your activities immediately after the procedure. How is VI Peel different from other chemical peels? VI integrates a unique mix of five acids, namely TCA, beta hydroxyl acids, Retin -A, Phenol and vit C. What skin types are suitable for VI Peel? All skin types, including Afro-American and Latino complexions. Read more FAQs : / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Chemical Peels Before & After See more: / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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