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Here are the things you should keep in mind while choosing a co-working space.


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Choosing A Right Co-working Space Opting for co-working is easy but choosing the basic needs is something that should be given a great thought. There are many co-working providers around you. But you got to get the right one which provides the perfect ‘co-working needs’. So what are these co-working needs that you require • Seating: Well co-working spaces provide seating but make sure your co- working space provides open seating as well. If you do not think that sitting in a cabin that also houses other employees it might be really irritating to work especially when they talk over phone. Some do cold-calling all the time so a closed seating might not be something that you want to go for. Also people are different

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and hence you never know how to say/react when others are constantly talking in the room. So you might need an open seating for yourself and it should be comfortable enough. • Conference / Training Room: A company no matter it houses just 2 employees or 10 employees considering co-working and startups here needs to have meetings from time to time. It not just rejuvenates the work feel among employees but also you need space to take decisions while talking to your employees. You cannot sit in a cabin / between employees of other companies and decide on crucial business talks. Hence it’s important to have a conference room. • Cafeteria: Yes. It’s a must. You need to have a place which houses atleast one COFFE MACHINE. Most startups do not provide food/snacks for free but make sure there’s a coffee machine and is free lol. • CCTV Monitoring: The cowo co-working rking spaces house so many employees from so different firms and no one ones who is who exactly. However there are bio-check-ins and ID cards that can identify employees. There have been cases of people losing headphones earphones mobiles kept on tables while they go for a small break/coffee. You never know whom to blame because you don’t know who it is. This is because of lack of CCTV Monitoring. Choose a place/seating that has a CCTV camera nearby. • Parking: Parking has become a major issue today. Choose one co-working space that has a decent parking space or a cellar for your vehicle. You cannot risk on losing/paying fines constantly. If you’re looking for a coworking space in Bangalore eCradle is located in Sector 7 HSR Layout. Reach out on to know more.

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