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Youth gospel concert! : 

Youth gospel concert! Chapel Hill High School Jan 15, 2011

P121 : 


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Big thanks to Mr. Yen Tun and his family members for all their support...

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Thankful to Day Day for composing Karen song

A lot of Thanks to Pastor Jimmy for this project idea.. : 

A lot of Thanks to Pastor Jimmy for this project idea..

Our youth leaders : 

Our youth leaders Wah Po Dah Wah

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Karen songs Burmese songs Day Day Ngae Lay composer

Drum & Base : 

Drum & Base Jay Jay Yen Tun

Slide 9: 

Pianist Guitarnist Wah Poe Koh Pah

Vocalists : 

Vocalists Yah Say Po Cha Lu Ku


VOCALISTS Der Lwe Poe Wah Len Dah Htoo

vocalists : 

vocalists Der lwe poe Nge lay

Together we sing : 

Together we sing

Harmonious : 


Diversity of talents : 

Diversity of talents

Same source of inspiration : 

Same source of inspiration

A day of fun : 

A day of fun

One hope : 

One hope

One Faith : 

One Faith

One family of God : 

One family of God

United we stand….. : 

United we stand…..

United we stand…. : 

United we stand….

Youth time…. : 

Youth time….

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