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CRM marketing companies which offer marketing crm software & marketing automation software to control marketing campaigns and budgets seamlessly like KAPTURE.


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for Marketing Audits

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All campaigns running fine If yes then how are you so sure What is your marketing budget How much if it is going down the drain How many agencies do you work with How do you track what they do How many BTL and OOH campaigns do you run Are they really running like it should for sure You know this but this

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No common platform for monitoring all campaigns New mediums of marketing keep coming up Variety of agencies and vendors involved in handling different marketing campaigns Challenges

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Geographical challenges in auditing BTL and OOH campaigns Lack of accountability Challenges

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Pre-Campaign data management • Create Campaign with date time and location specifications. • Assign agency. • Assign vendor. • Upload creatives and data. • Create checklists for agencies and vendors. • Set early reminders for follow-ups with agencies and vendors before the campaign starts.

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Audit on-going campaigns • Photos of BTL campaigns events with timestamp and location details. • Photos of OOH campaigns hoarding with timestamp and location details. • Run monitor and optimise online campaigns

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• Measure engagement and performance • Manage payments with supporting proof Post campaign analytics

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• ROI based analytics based on marketing expenditures and sales performance Post campaign analytics

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