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DINNY MORRIS Personal Fitness Trainer:

DINNY MORRIS Personal Fitness Trainer INTRODUCTION I’m Dinny Morris and I am a personal trainer in sydney I train women and men of all ages and abilities. I’m passionate about helping individuals get into the best shape of their lives, and motivating them to enjoy the things they really care about. My philosophy is, you don’t need to be able to lift 200 kilograms, but you do have to have the success mindset and the self-belief that you can change yourself. With time and effort, you can do it. AT Dinny Morris Challenge. Change. Transform . Measurable, goal-oriented coaching for individuals who want to win at life So if you’re looking for fitness in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. 


SERVICES :- At Dinny Morris the Personal Fittness Trainer , the following services are rendered. Male Weight Loss Female Weight Loss Gain Muscles Tough Love Boot Camp


WHY CHOOSE-DINNY I’m known for my ‘tough love’ approach to training. Let’s start with the ‘tough’ part… I’m not the kind of trainer who will tell you what you want to hear, and let you cling on to old habits that create problems for your health and fitness. The reason I work you hard is because I want you to get results. When you work with a P ersonal Trainer you’re investing your valuable time as well as your money. You’re changing long-established eating patterns, and putting in a lot of effort in the gym. Once you build up a sweat, your body releases endorphins that give you a natural high – it’s nature’s way of letting you know you’re doing your body the power of good. And as the days and weeks go by, and you see the results in the mirror (and start to pick up compliments from people around you) you’ll feel better than ever.


CONTACT US:- LOCATION 82-94 Darlinghurst Rd, Sydney NSW 2011 Contact- Mobile  - 0459 993 199 Email:  dinnyjoefitness@gmail.com

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