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Jobs for Orphans at Kanyadaan Foundation:

Jobs for Orphans at Kanyadaan Foundation


Marriages hold such a big significance in India. A little girl is taught and prepared her entire life to turn into a woman, who is strong, who can take care of herself and can take care of others. Who can cook delicious meals, keep her surroundings neat and clean, and mother a child with love and morals? But unfortunately, there are many underprivileged families in India, who cannot get their daughters educated or married. These underprivileged families cannot perform the rituals of Kanyadaan and send off their daughters with security. We, at Kanyadaan Foundation, are an Donation for Poor Girl in Bangalore .   We help these little girls get educated with a small NGO Donation for Marriage in Bangalore from your side, and we also help their fathers perform the ritual of Kanyadaan in a community where without the tradition of a Kanyadaan , marriage is almost incomplete. It is not only the poor whom we help, but we provide financial aid to both Donate for Girl Education in India .


The founding of Kanyadaan Foundation Kanyadaan Foundation was founded by Mr. JP Yadhuvanshi , who is also a pioneer of MyShaadiWale . He is a successful entrepreneur who apart from doing a noble cause at Kanyadaan Foundation, plans brilliant destination weddings for his clients. During the course of planning several weddings, he could observe the society and his surroundings. He was affected by the Indian society’s stigma for Kanyadaan in a marriage. This understanding had a great impact on him, and that is when, he thought of starting the Kanyadaan Foundation, where generous people like you can Donation for Poor Girl in India for all the underprivileged daughters in India.


Kanyadaan Foundation helps in cutting down the Social Evils For generations and generations, every marriage that took place, 3 out of 5 women have faced the societal evil custom of ‘dowry.' The custom of dowry has broken down many daughters' families, as they either cannot get their girls married or they are left in a handsome debt. Initially, before sending off his daughter after the rituals of marriage, a father used to give money and goods to his daughter, in terms of security. This ritual of security has turned into insecurity in India. Rather than looking for a girl, who is talented, and has many virtues, a groom’s family looks out for which family can pay more dowry to them. Therefore, Kanyadaan Foundation has helped these girls’ families to get married with respect. With so much helpful donation, we have been able to get girls married with decency, respect, and pride.


Kanyadaan Foundation provides jobs to the brides and grooms Our daughters are as capable and strong as our sons. There is no comparison, as both, the genders of the society are good in their way. Kanyadaan Foundation has been educating little girls who are poor and orphan so that they can stand on their own feet. Donate Wedding Function Cost , so that we can help many such little girls become independent. With your little help and even a very small donation, we can help our organization to expand across India. And with more people like you, we can ask more people to NGO for Poor Girl Marriage in Bangalore .   With your financial aid, Kanyadaan Foundation does not only educate these girls, but it also helps provide jobs to the many brides and grooms. It helps them to become capable, turn into potential individuals, who can face this world and live a happy married life filled with respect and dignity.   Kanyadaan Foundation was founded on the grounds of doing something noble, to be there for our daughters, and promoting generosity and empathy. Join us at Kanyadaan Foundation and be a part of such a beautiful organization.


Address:- #151 , 2nd floor, 5th Block, Opp. Apollo Cradle, Koramangala , Bangalore-560036 Contact number:- 8884544002 Email:- Website:- http ://



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