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Kanyadaan Foundation is God’s gift to impoverished girls in our country who have to deal with evils such as dowry. These girls cannot even dream about having a beautiful wedding because their father will already be under debt due to insane demands made by the family of the groom. It often happens that the fathers of girls commit suicide as they cannot provide for their daughters’ marriage. Another equally devastating consequence is the murder of the bride by husband and in-laws for not meeting their dowry demands after marriage. Such young girls with dreams in their hands fall prey to the ruthless society and social evils ! Our founder, Mr Yaduvanshi was the head of a wedding management agency when it struck him that there are thousands of brides across the country who are so poor that they can barely pay for the wedding. On top of that, the lower rungs of society still believe in dowry. Therefore it so happens that the father has to give up everything he has to make sure his little girl is happy in her marital home! But in spite of that, the poor girl is harassed for more money by her greedy in-laws. When she fails to provide that, they kill her or send her back to her parents . That is when he decided that he must do something for the brides who were not as fortunate as the ones he was working for. He started arranging mass marriage camps where he covered all the carriage costs for the bride (venue, food, dress and mangalsutra ) and did her Kanyadaan . By doing this, he feels that he has managed to fulfil some of the dreams that girls see for their weddings, even though they usually do not have it their way.


But Donate for Girl Education in Bengaluru is determined to end this. We believe every girl had the right to get married to the man of her dreams without having to sacrifice every penny her father has earned throughout in life ! It is now a pan India presence as Kanyadaan camps are being set up in many states of India. Here you can register as a donor or a bride! If you are a bride, you have to state your financial condition and Kanyadaan will make sure you are united with the man of your choice. And if you are a donor we will let you know which bride you will help getting married. In that case, you can attend her wedding and do her Kanyadaan as her father or brother ! Our main centre of operation at the moment in Bangalore. Not only arranging marriages, we are also going to change the face of NGO donation for marriage . That is why we implore you to help us in every way you can- we need people to donate for the marriage of poor girls in Bangalore, Donation for poor girl marriage in Bengaluru and for the education of poor girls in Bangalore. We need more Poor and Orphan Girls Marriages in Bengaluru who will help us and donate to cover the Sponsors for poor girl marriage in Bengaluru of a bride.


We may come from privileged families but there are girls who are not as lucky. It is our duty as members of the society and responsible citizens to make sure all girls our age get the basic amenities any normal girl can ask for in a wedding- a happy family and a loving groom. We function in Bangalore as an Sponsors for poor girl marriage in Bengaluru and would be overwhelmed if you or your acquaintances are interested in NGO donations for an impoverished girls wedding! Along with that, we have added girls’ education to our agenda. An educated mother is an educated child, right ? Also if they are educated they can contribute effectively to the family income and do a respectable job at the same time! They do not have to depend on their abusive fathers or abusive husbands for their upkeep! Thus we are requesting you to think about this and try to contribute by donating for the education of such girls all over India! Our daughters are our pride and if the “ Lakshmi” of India are not happy, then India will never go on to be a successful and happy country!


Address:- #151 , 2nd floor, 5th Block, Opp. Apollo Cradle, Koramangala , Bangalore-560036 Contact number:- 8884544002 Email:- info@kanyadaanfoundation.org Website:- http ://www.kanyadaanfoundation.org/



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