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At Kantar Media audience ( http://www.kantarmedia-audiences.com/ ) measurement services we provide for organisations such as BARB go far beyond simply measurement. Using our planning and analysis tools we ensure that TAM, TV measurement, radio measurement, and internet measurement all allow for more effective media planning.


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PPM- An Easy Way to Measure the Audience

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Portable People Meter (PPM) provides new and improved measures of audiences of individual radio station and TV channels.

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The is as small as a pager that can identify hidden audio tones in a station or network’s audio stream, logging each time it detects such signals . PPM

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For years media planners have to rely on diaries fetched from the sample audiences. However, the method is not error proof.

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Measuring the individual person and audio encoding is a reliable means for identifying stations. PPM improved the way radio is measured and offers additional consumer insights for broadcast and cable television. It delivers year round and all day electronic measurement of audience demographics.

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Broadcasters and media research companies face the challenges of expensive and difficult transition to digital broadcasting. Internet and other interactive media complicate their tasks further. It is difficult to identify who is listening to what and over which means of distribution.

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The new PPM devices can track digital and analog broadcasts, whether carried via air, internet or by satellite. No matter what methods of recording and playback are used PPM is able to capture and identify station exposure.

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All the other rating services required some form of active recordkeeping by the participants. The ratings achieved that way often returned bias result. With PPM there is no such tension of record keeping. The meter has to be worn by the survey participants, listening is automatically recorded without any conscious effort.

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The instructions to participants are simple. They: Have to keep the meter with them Need to keep the green light on (this indicates the meter is working) Are required to dock the meter at bedtime

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The passive measurement technique reduces the burden of the respondents. The unobtrusive way of measuring people to say “yes” to survey requests.

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