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Change Control Management: Automate your company's change control management system to stay compliant and profitable.


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Change Control Management Optimize Your Life Science Company’s Change Control Management with Automation A typical Top 20 pharmaceutical company will need to evaluate in excess of 40000 change requests in a single year according to the life-sciences industry consultant Kinapse as cited at ​ ​Of these only 15000 changes will actually be approved for implementation across their global organization. The other 25000 potentially lucrative change requests whither on the vine. They’re encumbered by information gaps between regional offices and individual affiliates failure to quickly identify change impact on licensing and compliance and a fundamental lack of standardization and communication throughout the change process. The key to success in the competitive life science business environment of 2018 and beyond is to drive innovation with speed. As PharmExec points out decision-makers in the C-suite need to embrace digital cloud-first solutions to keep pace with rapidly changing external pressures and capitalize on groundbreaking advancements which can improve patient outcomes. While change management is a challenge for any industry life science enterprises face a complicated list of compliance burdens which can generate a convoluted paperwork trail one which can easily take up to 20 days to navigate. Let’s take a look at the difficult challenges of change management and the digital tool solutions which can resolve them.

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