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Hey everyone. Welcome back to The Four Legacies. This is chapter 1.5, and first off I’d like to apologise for the long delay between the chapters. My second year at uni caught me by surprise at how busy it is, though hopefully this semester will be better. I will try to update more frequently, but at this point I can’t promise anything. Now, if this is the first chapter you’ve read of this I’d recommend you go and read the earlier ones. I’d recommend you go back if you haven’t read them recently too – it’s been five months since the last update and even I’m struggling to remember what happened in chapter 1.4.

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“I can’t believe Gil’s mother paid for us all to come out to Twikkii Island for your wedding,” Kate said as she lounged on Kate and Gil’s bed in their new vacation home. Quinn shrugged. “She’d kinda old fashioned, she’d probably just glad that Gil’s finally making ‘an honest woman’ out of me,” Quinn replied, screwing her face up at the end.

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“So are you going to cheer up or not?” Kate asked cheerfully after a few moments of silence. “You should be happy – you’re getting married in a few days to a man you’ve been in love with for absolutely years, we’ve all got a free holiday out of the deal, the weather’s beautiful and we’re right by the sea! You’ve been miserable since we got on the plane, and you've got no reason to be!”

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“I’m not moping,” Quinn protesting quietly. “We’ve known each other since we were toddlers – you’re moping,” Kate told her decisively. “So either you tell me on your own or I go get the boys and we’ll force it out of you.”

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Quinn didn’t respond right away. She didn’t think she was moping. Right now more than anything she felt weird, almost naked without a protective layer of white foundation on her face, and without her usual clothes. But it was too warm here for either of them. “I’m waiting, Quinn,” Kate interrupted her thoughts, shifting a little on the bed.

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“Fine, fine,” Quinn grumbled as she sat up. She leant back on her hands. “I’m not moping, it’s just... I guess I’m still not convinced that I should be with Gilbert, like there’s someone more suitable for my legacy.” “You are joking, right?” Kate asked in disbelief. “You’ve already tried dating around, and that didn’t work for you.” “I did not!”

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“Yves Jackson.” “Oh,” Quinn said. “Yeah, oh,” Kate said. “And you still haven’t told me how you met that Yves. Or what happened between the two of you – one day you’re telling me you split up with Gil, then you’re telling me you’re met the love of your life and then the next thing I know you’re telling me you’re engaged to Gil again. That’s worse than my High School love life!”

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Quinn blushed a little. She looked away from Kate. Indeed it did sound worse than Kate’s love life had been in high school when she’d been convinced that every single boy she met would be the love of her life and that they would be together forever. “You really wanna know?” she asked and Kate nodded. Urgh, family sims. They were so... Mushy! “Fine then...”

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“I guess it began the day after I broke up with Gil. I really wanted to get someone new to date – you don’t know what it’s like, being a pleasure sim without someone around for easy dates. It’s... Not good. So I headed out to the hedge maze when the kids were in school. Turned out to be a good time to go – there were no teens about so I didn’t have to worry about them. But there weren’t a whole lot of adults around either. Apparently they were all working, if you can believe it.” “Adults? Working during the day? Never!” “Shush you! So I was there for a few hours. I was really starting to get bored by the end of it. I was just about to give up too, when I saw him.”

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“He spotted me first. He came over and pulled out a chair. ‘Is anyone sitting here?’ he asked me.

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“I looked the guy over. He wasn’t completely unfortunate looking. In fact he was pretty handsome. I told him he was welcome to join me, and the two of us just got chatting.”

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“He was a smooth talker, and I do mean a really smooth one. He did so many things that took me by surprise, stuff that I always thought was so corny on TV. But when Yves did it, it seemed so sweet and romantic.”

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“I was falling hard and fast for him during the first time we met. It was like we’d known each other forever. He just seemed to instinctively know what I liked and what we didn’t. If I’d stopped and thought about it then I might have been creeped out, but at the time we just clicked.”

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“And with all that going for him, it really didn’t take us long to get together.”

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“You would’ve been right to be creeped out – he sounds like he was stalking you!”

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Quinn laughed and shook her head, but Kate just looked more concerned. She smiled at her old friend. “Don’t worry, he wasn’t stalking me,” she said. “But-” “But nothing, trust me on this, okay?” she didn’t wait for an answer. “Now I need your help finding a dress. Denise’ll kill me if I don’t get a nice one.”

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“Can you believe that we’ve all come here for Quinn’s wedding? I mean I know we always said when we were kids that one of us would have to get married here so we’d all get a holiday out of it but I never thought that would actually happen. There’s so much to do around here! Did you know that the local greeting – hang loose, I think it’s called, originated over nine hundred years ago as a way of proving that you weren’t weighed down by concealed weapons? And that-”

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A chuckle cut off Ross before he could babble any further about Twikkii’s history or customs. “After all these years you’re still as much of a geek as you were when we were kids,” said David with a smile. He nodded to the huge pile of books about the island on the table. “I see you’ve been reading.” “I haven’t read all of them yet!” Ross protested a blush tingeing his cheeks. “I’ve only read seven and a half of them!” “There’s eight of them, Ross.” Ross’ blush deepened.

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“I can’t help it,” Ross said, shrugging. “Their culture’s just so different from ours, or anything else in the world. I’m so excited to be here and to get the chance to learn about it first hand. I’ve always wanted to come and-” “All right all right! I get the idea!” David laughed once again, cutting Ross off.

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“So where are your kids today?” David asked when he had stopped laughing hoping to get Ross off the talk about the island.

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“Amelia spent all breakfast begging Kaylynn to take her to the ruins of the home of one of the islands old kings Jumbok IV. He-” “Ross!” “Sorry,” Ross said quickly. “And Ivan said something about him and Todd going off to the boardwalk to go find some girls.”

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“They might run into my kids then – Gemma said they were going there to find themselves some fun,” David said then paused a moment before continuing, “I made them take their brother with them.” The two of them fell into a comfortable silence for a moment. All that could be heard was the sound of the waves lapping up against the beach in the distance. “Have you decided on who’s going to be the heir to your legacy?” David asked after a while.

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“Yeah, I talked with my kids about it a few days before the boys’ birthdays.”

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“Ivan hated the idea, he turned it down straight away. He said it sounded like too much responsibility that he didn’t want and that he’d rather just throw a load of parties when he’s older instead than have to worry about finding a wife and having kids.”

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“It sounds like he knew that he would grow into a popularity sim on his birthday then.” “I think he had an inkling. That’s more than the rest of us did though.” “What about Todd and Amelia? How did they react?”

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“Todd wasn’t too keen on the idea either. He said something like he didn’t want to be responsible if everything went really wrong, but if there was no other choice he would take it and try and figure out how to make sure the legacy didn’t go pear shaped.”

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“Well it’s no surprise that Todd became a knowledge sim then.” “Of course not. I’m sure I told you how quickly he went through books as a kid. The moment he started reading through books faster than I can it was obvious.”

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“And Amelia?” “She said that she would take the heirship if her brothers were really that set against. Todd looked so relieved at that.”

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“So Amelia’s your heir then?”

Slide 31: 

“Maybe,” Ross shrugged. “I’m going to talk to them again after Amelia’s next birthday, before the boys go off to college, and again if any of them take the junior reroll. It’ll be a long time before any of them take over and who knows what’ll happen in that time? Any of them might change their mind about what they want before then and I don’t want any of them to be stuck with a decision they made as children for the rest of their lives.”

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“At least you still have an idea,” David said with a sigh. “I don’t really have much clue at all.”

Slide 33: 

“What How about choosing one of the twins then?” “They both rolled romance.” “So? It’s not like all romance sims are the same. I mean, look at Gil – he wants the marry Quinn. The only reason it’s taken them so long is before of the legacy rules.” “I know, but... Well Ruby’s... She’s probably a bit too flighty for the job. She’d absolutely hate settling down takes after her mother that way I guess. And Gemma... Before – you know – I’d have thought she’d be good at it. But since Mel walked out of us her confidence has been pretty much shattered and I don’t think making her my heir will help with that.”

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“So you don’t think the girls are up to the job. What about Henry?” “I don’t know. He’d just so young. We don’t have a clue what his aspiration’s going to be yet.” “Are you kidding? Henry’s a born family sim. I’d be shocked if he rolled anything else.” “He could still rolled knowledge – or any of the other aspirations, really.” “But you think he’s more suitable for the legacy than the girls?”

Slide 35: 

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out,” said Ross. “You’ve got years until you need to make a decision anyway.” There was silence for a few moments. The pair of them relaxed into the sofas. After a short while Ross glanced over at David. “How are you holding up?” he asked gently.

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David winced. He looked and away and closed his eyes. “I’m... doing better,” David replied after a moment. “I wish I had paid more attention to Mel so she wouldn’t have left but what’s done is done.” He looked down at his hands and sighed. “I just wished the kids didn’t all take after her as much as they do. It can be really hard to wake up each day and know I’m going to be seeing her in all three of them.”

Slide 37: 

“Are you sure you’re doing better? I mean, I read this book the other week and-” “I’m sure,” David smiled at Ross sadly. “I’m not fine yet, but I’m past being huddled in a corner sobbing,” he smiled at Ross. “So why don’t you tell what those books are about?”

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“Hey,” Gemma said as she sat down next to Ruby on the beach. “You don’t seem any more tanned than normal.” “I know,” Ruby agreed as she stared out over the sea – she, Gemma and Henry had come here after visiting the boardwalk. Henry had dragged Gemma off to play on the pirate ship while she had settled down to try and get a tan. “How was the ship?”

Slide 39: 

“It wasn’t actually too bad,” Gemma replied. “Henry managed to find a ghost in the cabin. He seemed pretty pleased with that.” “But you ran out like a baby,” Ruby said smugly to her sister. “Well it was a ghost! They’re terrifying!” Gemma protested. She sighed. “Hey Ruby?” she asked as they stared out over the waves. “You remember how when we were kids just after Mum left we said that we’d go looking for her after we had our birthday?”

Slide 40: 

“Yeah, what about it?” “Why haven’t we done it? We’ve been teens for a while now and we know Quaver Kanyon like the backs of our hands. I’m sure we could find her in no time. But we haven’t looked,” Gemma said. She swallowed hard.

Slide 41: 

Ruby didn’t say anything at first. She remembered that plan all too clearly. After her mother had left she had been heartbroken. She hadn’t want to accept it, had refused to actually. She had begun insisting that when they were old enough they go searching for their mother, to bring her back kicking and screaming if need be.

Slide 42: 

Henry had mostly ignored her. He said there was obviously a good reason for her leaving even if he hated it. Even though he was as devastated as her over it he had refused to listen to a word she said on the matter and had tuned her out whenever she started talking about it. Gemma had been against it too. Ruby had kept pushing it and pushing it but all the time Gemma told her that it was a stupid idea. Their mother would come back to them when she was ready. If they tried to force it, Gemma had claimed, their mother would hate them for it – or so she’d heard the grown ups say when their Dad’s friends had been talking about going to get her back.

Slide 43: 

Ruby hadn’t wanted to go searching just because she wanted her mother back. In the time after Mel left, she saw her father be completely heartbroken. He could barely function. He would spent most of his days staring anxiously out of the window for Mel, but she never came back. It was horrible to watch and she had hardly been able to stand it.

Slide 44: 

“Well?” Gemma spoke up again, bringing Ruby out of her thoughts. “I guess I just grew up,” she said shrugging her shoulders. “Ruby...”

Slide 45: 

“It’s true! I did grow up! We had a birthday, remember?” “I know that, but you don’t change your mind just because we both grew up.” “Fine,” Ruby sighed. “I changed my mind because I rolled romance. I guess the moment I did I realised how terrifying commitment is. I mean, going steady with anyone’s bad enough but marriage and kids? I can’t blame Mum for leaving. As bad as it sounds, I would probably do the same thing if I was in her position.”

Slide 46: 

“You would?” Ruby glanced at Gemma and saw her looking at her with concern. “Yeah,” she said, sighing. “Look, you know there’s basically two types of romance sim. There’s those who if they found the absolute perfect person for them who wanted to marry, then they’d settle down. That’s you.” “Yes, and it’s you isn’t it?” “No, I’m the other type. The type that isn’t really interested in committed relationships. The type that’ll have a great time with someone and then move on.”

Slide 47: 

“That’s horrible,” Henry declared having overheard part of their conversation as he was walking over. He quickly crouched down next to the girls and began to build a sandcastle. “So are annoying little brothers who drag their sisters away from the boardwalk to go play on a pirate ship,” Ruby teased grinning a little. She glanced quickly between her siblings. “So I’m hungry! Let’s go get some food!”

Slide 48: 

Although the conversation they had had when they were sitting on the beach had been fairly serious, once they sat down and ordered something to eat, the three Jacobs kids’ conversation quickly diverged into triviality. Although other sims on the island might have wished to have more trivial conversations, they weren’t quite so lucky.

Slide 49: 

“Mother, is this conversation really necessary?” Gilbert asked as he joined his mother at the table. The look on her face told him all he needed to know. He sighed – this was going to be a very long talk indeed.

Slide 50: 

“Of course it’s necessary, Gilbert Alexander Jacquet!” Denise said harshly, Gilbert wincing at the use of his full name. “Sorry, Mother,” he whispered quietly, looking down at his hands. “I guess I’m just – well, dreading this talk.”

Slide 51: 

“You’ve been dreading this?” Denise frowned at him. “This is nothing compared with what you’ve put me through. How do you think I’ve felt for the past 17 years?” “Mother?” “From the moment you met that fiancée of yours I’ve been dreading the day would come when do something awful.” “Mother! I wouldn’t-” “You left her when you found out she was pregnant with Charlie. I had never been so ashamed of anyone in my life as I was the day I found out.”

Slide 52: 

“I didn’t realise you felt so strongly about that.”

Slide 53: 

Denise closed her eyes and sighed. Sometimes her son could be dense, but she hadn’t expected him to be that bad. “You know I’m an old-fashioned woman, Gil,” she said. “You father was just as old-fashioned. When you chose romance I accepted that you would have a different moral system to your father and I – you entire generation does, as a matter of fact.”

Slide 54: 

“So what’s the problem?”

Slide 55: 

“Do you honestly have no idea?” Denise asked, scarcely able to believe it. “None,” Gilbert replied, shaking his head.

Slide 56: 

“You abandoned the mother of your child!” it was all Denise could do to refrain from yelling at this point. “I accepted that you weren’t likely to marry anyone, and that you would be woohooing outside of marriage. As much as I disapproved of Quinn, I accepted what you were old enough to be in charge of you own life, but I know I raised you better than that! To run off the moment you find out you’re to be a father! Do you know how much that hurt me?”

Slide 57: 

“But Mother! There’s no way I could have married her at the time! I can only marry her now because of everything that happened after she broke up with me!”

Slide 58: 

“Are you being deliberately dense, boy?” Denise asked, an angry look affixing itself to her face. “I just told you that I didn’t expect you to marry her – it goes against every instinct in a romance sim’s body, to settle down in that situation!” “Then what?” “You walked out, you left her when she needed support the most. For whatever reason she didn’t have a job, and you might not have been able to give her money directly, but you could have kept seeing her and dating her. You could have made sure that my grandchildren grew up with their father close by rather than just someone who showed up once in a while to date their mother, and you could have helped out financially with those date gifts of yours!”

Slide 59: 

“When you came home and informed me that you were no longer going to see Quinn, I have to admit – I was happy. But when I found out the reason...” Denise looked at her son sadly, shaking her head. “I had never been so disappointed in you in my entire life, Gilbert.”

Slide 60: 

Gilbert winced. He shut his eyes. He had always been a mother’s boy, had always been much closer to her than he had been to the father he never saw. It cut him deeply to hear her feelings on the matter, hurt him worse than all the arguments that the two of them had had over Quinn ever since he had met her. “Gilbert?”

Slide 61: 

He opened his eyes and looked to his mother, saying nothing for the time being. “I might have been disappointed when you split up with Quinn, but you made me proud when the two of you got back together, and you began to support her however you could. You made me especially proud when you stuck by her when she got pregnant a further two more times.”

Slide 62: 

“Thank you, Mother,” Gilbert said quietly. He looked down at his hands. “I – well, I’m sorry I disappointed you when I split up with Quinn.” “It’s in the past, Gil,” Denise dismissed it with a wave of her hand. “Now, I do believe that we’ve got quite a bit of work to do over the next few days. Why don’t you go get Quinn in here and we can start going over all the details.”

Slide 63: 

Late that night, Gilbert wasn’t sure of the time exactly, he slipped out of bed. His mother’s words had been going through his mind all day. Although Denise hadn’t been precisely silent about her displeasure over the years. She had been more than vocal when he had started dating Quinn. At the time he had thought that since Quinn was a pleasure sim and a legacy founder, her attention would soon waver. It was just going to be a bit of fun, after all. What was the worst that could happen?

Slide 64: 

Gilbert wasn’t the type of sim to break off a relationship without a good reason, and it turned out hat their shared three bolts was more than enough to keep Quinn’s attention on them. The two of them dated more and more frequently – more than once a day at one point. Before Gilbert knew it he had fallen head over heels in love with Quinn.

Slide 65: 

The moment he realised Gil started freaking out. He had thought that the two of them would eventually stop seeing each other and he could go back to making his mother proud of him and Quinn could go onto found her legacy. But the moment he realised... He did not take break ups well, and he knew that any day Quinn could break up with him. It would probably have broken his heart if she had, but at the time he figured he might as well keep seeing her. All that would happen if he broke up with her then would be him losing out on more time with her. He hadn’t thought he could bear that at the time.

Slide 66: 

Although he was still freaking out inside, the decision to keep seeing Quinn had helped a little. He figured that so long as there were no more surprises in the relationship he could keep seeing her until she broke up with him. The day after he decided she invited him over for another date. It wasn’t exactly unusual. What was unusual was what she announced at the end of the date. She was pregnant.

Slide 67: 

Gil wasn’t proud of his actions after that. He was probably as ashamed about it as his mother was. He left. He walked out the door. It was just... Too much. He couldn’t deal with it at the time. He had just become even more terrified for his future with Quinn than he had been so far, so he ran. If Gil was honest with himself now, the moment that Quinn had told him he had gained a new fear about the relationship. He’d been terrified that if he stuck around and got attached to the kid, the moment Quinn came to her senses and ditched him for someone legacy legal he might never get to see the kid again. He might lose two of the people in his life, and he hadn’t thought he could stand that.

Slide 68: 

It still didn’t justify his running away. Gil heaved another sigh. He was a coward, and he certainly didn’t deserve the second chance Quinn had given him. He was just glad she’d given him one.

Slide 69: 

He just couldn’t believe he’d been so stupid to risk everything all those years ago. He’d been reckless, irresponsible – “Dad?”

Slide 70: 

“It’s late, shouldn’t you be in bed Gideon?” Gilbert asked as Gideon sat down next to him. “Couldn’t sleep,” Gideon shrugged.

Slide 71: 

Father and son sat in silence for a moment, just watching the waves. Gideon glanced at his father after a while. “Dad,” he said hesitantly. “Can I... Ask you a few questions?” Gilbert grinned. Although he hadn’t spent a lot of time with Gideon over the course of his life, he did know one or two things about the boy.

Slide 72: 

Such as the fact that Gideon had rolled knowledge just like Charlie in a matter of moments – though where the two of them had got their aspiration from was a mystery to Gilbert.

Slide 73: 

Gilbert also knew that it had taken Gideon all of five minutes after changing his clothes in order to get together with one of his childhood friends, Bayley Brown. He was a family sim, from what Gilbert had gathered, but that was about all Gil knew about the boy his son had fallen for.

Slide 74: 

“So long as it’s not about boy troubles,” Gilbert replied and Gideon grinned. “Nah it’s nothing like that,” Gideon laughed and looked at Gilbert. “I was just wondering – what happened so you could get back together with Mum?”

Slide 75: 

“You had to pick a question with a long answer, didn’t you?” “Of course,” Gideon answered, watching the waves for a few moments. “Mum explained the rules of a legacy to us after she ended it with you, and how you weren’t legacy legal. So how come you both got back together? Or you move in? Surely Mum wouldn’t break the rules.”

Slide 76: 

“It’s a long story, and it’s getting late,” Gilbert started to stand. “If you really want to know, I’ll tell it to you over some hot chocolate.”

Slide 77: 

“So Dad, what’s the story,” Gideon asked about ten minutes later as the two of them sat down with hot chocolate.

Slide 78: 

“How much do you know about when your mother broke up with me?” Gilbert asked. “Mum wanted what was best for us,” Gideon said in return, looking away and studiously avoiding Gilbert’s gaze. Gil didn’t know what was going on in his head right now, but he could only assume it wasn’t good. “She thought that was a father figure who could always be there for us, and since you weren’t legacy legal that couldn’t be you.” “That’s near enough,” Gilbert said with a sigh – it was accurate enough.

Slide 79: 

“For a while afterwards I wasn’t really able to do much. I was miserable. I – well, think how you would feel if you were in my situation. How would you feel if Bayley was to dump you because he didn’t feel you weren’t good enough?” “Awful.” “Exactly, and that’s how I felt. I moped around on my bed constantly, barely remembering to tend to my own needs. Your grandmother was terrified for me, but I didn’t care. I just wanted Quinn back, or for it to stop hurting.” “So what happened?”

Slide 80: 

“Your grandmother had to go out for groceries at some point. Not only did we need food, but she needed to get out of the house. It would have done her good and it most likely did.”

Slide 81: 

“Your grandmother’s told me that she came back and put the groceries away. I wasn’t downstairs, but that was par for the course at this point.”

Slide 82: 

“She said that she came upstairs to check on me, and found that I wasn’t on my bed. I wasn’t at my computer and I wasn’t out on the balcony. I just... Well I was gone.”

Slide 83: 

“What do you mean, Dad?” Gideon stared at him curiously with a look every knowledge sim gets when on the hunt for knowledge. “Where were you?”

Slide 84: 

“I don’t have a clue. Next thing I know I find myself at the Lost in Love Hedge Maze. My hair’s dyed back to blonde, it’s changed style, my clothes are different and my name’s changed. I had no idea how much time I was missing from my memory. All I knew was that your mother was there looking as radiant as the day I first saw her.” “So what did you do?” “The obvious thing – I went over and introduced myself as Yves Jacquet, and realised the moment I did that I was a townie.”

Slide 85: 

“You were a townie? Really? How did you become one? What was it like? Did it feel any different from being a playable?” “It felt the same, but,” Gilbert sighed. “You know how if we were to walk to another lot, we would leave this one and the next thing we know we’re there? But you have no idea how you got there?” “Yes, what of it?” “Well, it was kind of like that. If I wasn’t on a community lot when someone else was, or I hadn’t come over for a date then it was like I was travelling between lots, only this time I knew that time was passing.”

Slide 86: 

“Whoa, so you basically just – what? Didn’t exist unless you were on a date?” Gilbert didn’t respond. Gideon looked at him. After a moment he yawned and got up.

Slide 87: 

“It’s late – I’m off to bed,” he informed Gilbert. “A load of us are meeting up tomorrow on one of the community lots, as I don’t want to fall asleep while I’m there.”

Slide 88: 

“Good night, Gideon,” Gilbert said as Gideon brushed past him. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

Slide 89: 

Over the next few days all four legacy families found themselves extraordinarily busy. Not only was there the impending wedding to prepare for, but there was also so much everyone wanted to get out of their trip to Twikkii. There were greetings to be learnt...

Slide 90: 

The hula had to be learnt from one of the locals and danced at any available opportunity.

Slide 91: 

And gifts to be received from grateful sims in mysterious huts up in the mountains.

Slide 92: 

And when they weren’t doing any of that, the romance of the upcoming wedding inspired everyone – from the older couples

Slide 93: 

who may have gotten a touch over excited and forgotten to use protection

Slide 94: 

to the teens who were just looking for a good time together – “I hope you know we’re not exclusive, Ivan.” “That works fine for me.”

Slide 95: 

-or were actually looking for something a touch more serious. “You really want to go steady with me?” Todd grinned broadly as Gemma took his hands. “That’s great!”

Slide 96: 

Alice had even gone on a few more dates with her boyfriend, Connor. She had remembered very quickly that he lived close by, and what had originally been just a few dates from the matchmakers quickly blossomed into a full-blown romance, with promises to continue seeing each other after Alice headed back to Quaver Kanyon.

Slide 97: 

Charlie had even managed to get her first kiss from a local boy, Stephan Benson.

Slide 98: 

And even those who were avoiding more romantic pursuits were kept busy outside of wedding planning, either my indulging themselves with a hot stone massage -

Slide 99: 

- Or some time in the sauna -

Slide 100: 

- with learning the fire dance -

Slide 101: 

- moments after proving to your family sim brother that even knowledge sims can fall for a pickpocket’s tricks -

Slide 102: 

- or with finally figuring out how to summon up a spectral cat -

Slide 103: 

- months and months after becoming a witch in the first place.

Slide 104: 

And so with all this going on for everyone, it no shock that, despite everyone being forced to wear outfits that matched, and despite there being too few seats, everyone was more than a little relieved when the wedding day finally arrived -

Slide 105: 

the vows were said –

Slide 106: 

- the rings were exchanged -

Slide 107: 

- the bride was kissed -

Slide 108: 

the cake was cut –

Slide 109: 

- the party was over -

Slide 110: 

and they could finally all go home. “Have you got everything?” David called out as he and his kids piled outside and into the waiting taxi. “Gemma – where’s Ruby?” “She’s in the taxi – will you relax, Dad? We can’t have forgotten anything important, and anything we have forgotten we can buy when we get home.”

Slide 111: 

And once they were all back home, life went on as it had done before.

Slide 117: 

And this is where I leave you guys for now. Again, I’m sorry for the long wait. Hopefully it won’t be so long until the next chapter. It should at the very least be less than 5 months.

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