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Hey everyone. Welcome back to The Four Legacies. This is Chapter 1.3, and like always I recommend going back and rereading the earlier chapters first so it makes more sense. As you might be able to tell, I'm still writing up the four different families together, and we'll be picking up shortly after where Chapter 1.2 left off. It left off with the birth of Ross and Waylon's daughter, Amelia, while their boys, Todd and Ivan, were both toddlers. Kate and Waylon had just had a second set of twins – both boys that they named Declan and Edmund, while their older twins, Bayley and Cole, had become children to join their eldest, Alice. Ruby and Gemma Jacobs, David and Melissa's twin girls, had become toddlers a few days before. Finally Charlie, Quinn and Gilbert's daughter, was still a child, and her brother Gideon had become a very cute toddler. Got that? Good. Now on with the show!

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There are many frustrating things in the world, but if you’re a toddler there is nothing more frustrating that having to wait for one of your parents to take you out of your crib. Well, for most toddlers at least. “Gemma need calm down,” Ruby said her crib, listening to Gemma scream and rattle the side of her own crib to get their parents’ attention. “Easy for you to say!” Gemma took a second to stop shaking her crib. “You no have nine playful points!” And with that Gemma went back to shaking the side of the crib. Ruby glared at her twin for a second. “I still gots eight,” she grumbled quietly, but Gemma was screaming to loudly to hear her.

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Unfortunately even if the twins had been screaming together they wouldn’t have attracted the attention of their parents. For, you see, Melissa and David were rather busy and Melissa was about to do rather a lot of screaming herself. “David! Get out of bed!” Melissa said sharply as she felt a familiar feeling in her gut. “The baby’s coming!”

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And sure enough the baby was well on it’s way. Several agonising minutes later it was over and Melissa held their new child in her arms. “So what is it?” David asked one impatient moment later as Melissa looked the baby over. “Do we have a son or another daughter?” For a few minutes Melissa ignored him. She just stared at the kid. She was just as shocked that this kid had been inside her as she had been with the girls. This kid looked rather like the girls had when they’d just been born, come to think of it. They had the same brown eyes – David’s – along with both David and Melissa’s brown hair. But unlike the twins, this one had gotten her lighter skintone, rather than a blend of hers and David’s. “Well?”

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Melissa smiled. She held the baby out for him. David’s face lit up at the sight of their new child. He took a few tentative steps forwards, then began to play with the kid. After a second or two he looked up anxiously. “Boy or girl?” “Boy,” Melissa said after watching David squirm for a few moments longer. “So what shall we name him?” Melissa watched as the joy melted from David’s face and was replaced by an expression of concentration. With the girls they hadn’t thought up any names in advance. They’d been panicked when the girls had been born until they’d finally come up with Ruby and Gemma. They’d sworn that if they had more kids they’d think up names in advance. So much for that. “How about....” David said after a few moments, then trailed off. “Henry?” “Wasn’t that your father’s name?” Melissa asked, frowning ever so slightly. “Yes, it was,” David said with a smile. Then he glanced up from the baby with a worried looked. “That’s not a problem, is it?” Melissa shook her head. David grinned at her, relieved. After a second he went back to playing with the baby, with Henry. No, it wasn’t a problem. It wasn’t a problem at all.

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David insisted on playing with Henry for a short while, until little Henry yawned wildly. Sighing a little, David kissed him and headed off to go check the computer to see if a job in law enforcement had come up yet. Melissa took her son and looked him over as she put him into his new crib. Henry was the same size as the girls had been, but somehow he looked so much smaller to her right then. Maybe it was because the girls were that much bigger enough, and would in the morning have their birthday. Maybe Henry actually just seemed smaller because of that. Yes, that was it. He couldn’t possibly be any smaller than the girls had been.

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“Daddy, today we learned where babies come from!” Alice said enthusiastically. Both Bayley and Cole looked at her curiously, each of them wanting to know but from the look on their father’s face they knew better than to say anything. “Erm, Alice, honey,” Waylon stammered nervously, his eyes flicking to the headmaster to see his reaction to Alice’s outburst. “I don’t think that’s appropriate dinner conversation.” “Why not?” demanded Alice. “Because Daddy says so,” Waylon said, shooting the headmaster an apologetic look. “I’m sorry about this. Alice is just so enthusiastic about what she learns at school – and I’m sure Bayley and Cole will be exactly the same.”

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The three kids all looked to one another at those words, trying not to laugh and ruin Bayley and Cole’s chance at getting into private school. Alice wasn’t enthusiastic about what she’d learned, she just found the whole thing hilariously funny and wanted to share it with her family. Cole would probably just say that boys were disgusting, and Bayley would probably just not be able to understand why you’d want to do that with a girl.

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Before long the meal was over. Alice and Bayley ran off to play. Cole grabbed the dishes from the table to put them in the dishwasher. The headmaster began to talk to her father, who was looking increasingly nervous and sounding more and more tongue-tied as she did so. “So can you tell me what inspired you to try and get the children into private school?” the headmaster asked, his tone formal. Cole watched as Waylon stumbled over an answer, his eyes wide and panicked, his breathing a little shallow and his skin going pale and sweaty. He almost looked like he was going to pass out, like Cole did when she got to nervous about something. “Well, I, ah,” Waylon stammered. Cole rolled her eyes and put the dishes in the dishwasher. She wasn’t interested in what excuse her father would come up with. She had more important kid stuff to be getting on with.

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Like a pillow fight! “Do you two have to do that near the computer?” Bayley snapped, glaring at them over his shoulder. “Yes,” the two girls answered him smugly in unison “But you’re getting feathers on the keyboard!” he whined. Alice and Cole stopped fighting for a second and turned to look at him. Alice rested one hand on her hip, and shifted all of her weight onto one foot, the pillow hanging limply from her hand. “So be a man about it and make us stop,” she taunted him. Bayley thought over for a second. Then as the girls knew he would, he leapt from the chair. He grabbed a pillow and the three children began to pummel one another with them.

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The pillow fight continued for a while, the room quickly getting covered in feathers. They didn’t notice at first that the headmaster had left, but moments after he did they heard a crash coming from Alice’s bedroom. They stopped playing for a moment. “Shhh,” Alice said quietly, pressing a finger to her lips. “I don’t think you two got into private school – and I think Daddy’s gone insane!”

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Which was a rather accurate guess on Alice’s part, to say the least.

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An hour later Kate climbed out of her carpool and was surprised as Cole came running outside and hugged her tightly. “What’s wrong, honey?” she asked concerned – normally none of the kids bothered to greet her when she got home from work. Of course, they were normally in bed, but that was neither here nor there. “Daddy went crazy!” she blurted out, holding onto Kate tightly. “He’s in Alice’s room, talking to someone who’s not there!” For a moment Kate worried, then when she heard about Waylon talking to himself she just laughed, relieved. “He’ll be fine in a few minutes, you’ll see,” she assured Cole. “And he’ll be even better when he finds out I’ve got a promotion. Now let’s get you and your brother and sister to bed – it’s well past your bedtime right now, little missy.” Cole grumbled a little, but she said nothing as she was herded inside by her mother and off to bed.

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While one mother in the desert was busy sending her kids to bed so her husband could recover from his momentary bout of insanity in peace, another was trying to cajole her eldest child into a game of chess. “Just one game, Charlie!” Quinn pleaded, ignoring the ringing phone in her pocket. “Please – I’ll let you stay up really late tonight!” Charlie looked up from her book for a split second, then went straight back to it. She read another paragraph or so until Quinn’s whining got a little too much.

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“No,” said Charlie as Quinn held up a chess piece, trying to entice her. “You always cheat.” “I do not.” “You do to. And no,” Charlie said, cutting off Quinn as she opened her mouth to make her next offer. “Saying you’ll let me stay up late won’t do anything. You always let me stay up late. You don’t believe in bedtimes, remember?” Quinn pouted, looking much more like a child than Charlie did. “Pleeease?” she said, dragging the word out. “Just one game?” “No,” Charlie said, shaking her head. “But you haven’t put Gideon to bed yet. Why don’t you go play with him?” Quinn opened her mouth to say something, then stopped. She paused, then nodded. Her mouth snapped shut and she got up. She ran around the corner. Charlie shook her head. Sometimes she wondered what it would be like if her mother wasn’t a pleasure sim. Then she came to her sense. It would be really boring.

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Round the back of the house where Gideon was sat, as wide awake as ever, trying to shove a triangle peg into a triangle hole. It should have been easy enough, but somehow Gideon wasn’t quite managing it. Quinn grinned. She sat down on the sand in front of him and tapped the wooden toy. “Something wrong, Ian?” she asked him, and Gideon looked up at her, his face screwed up like he was about to throw a temper tantrum. “Toy stupid!” he said stubbornly, throwing the yellow block on the ground. Quinn grabbed it before it could get lost in the sand. She handed it back to him with a smile. “Toy not working right!” “I thought I taught you better than that Ian,” she said. Gideon looked at her, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Wha?” “If things don’t go the way you want them to, make them!” Quinn said, laughing, ignoring the voice in the back of her head that told her it wasn’t such a good thing to teach a toddler. What was the worst that could happen, after all?

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Not knowing that what her mother was teaching her little brother, Charlie finished her book. She shoved her chair back. She had finally mastered Anger Management. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the most relevant thing for an eight year old to master, but hey – maybe it’d come in handy in the future.

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Charlie threw the book on the bookcase. When it was balanced on top of some other books so that it wouldn’t fall off and take a lot of other books with it, she turned away with a yawn, intent on going to bed. She had school in the morning. She did not want to get in trouble again for falling asleep when the teacher was talking. Charlie turned towards the house then – she froze. There, gently padding gently onto the lot was a very familiar sight. A huge black dog with yellow eyes so bright that they practically glowed. “Shouji,” Charlie greeted the familiar dog as she came over to sniff her. Charlie laughed. “I know – I’m bigger than the last time you saw me, aren’t it? Still me though.”

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“See? Told I was still me!” Charlie said as she fed Shouji a bone shaped biscuit. Shouji stopped sniffing her and barked happily. “Come on! Let’s go play!”

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Morning dawned bright and early in the desert the next day. All of the inhabitants of the canyon woke as the sun rose and dragged themselves out of bed to start the day. Over the next few days there would be so many birthdays that they’d be sick of them by the end of it. Charlie yawned, her shoulders slumped as she stood a little way off from everyone else. She was tired. Her brother had woken her up far too early with his screams to be let out of his crib. She did not like it, but at least today was the last time it would happen. “Hey, Charlie!” Alice called out, running up to Charlie already changed into her private school uniform. “What are you doing over here? Everyone else is over by the mailbox – and David and Melissa’s kids are blowing their candles out in a few minutes! Come on!”

Slide 22: 

Indeed, just about everyone was gathered over by the mailbox. The only people who weren’t was Quinn, who’d gone to raid the fridge, Mel who’d gone to make sure the girls were awake and ready for the quick party before school, and the girls themselves. “Bayley,” Cole whispered, looking around. “Yeah?” Bayley whispered back. “What is it?” “Who’s party is this?” “Dunno,” he shrugged. “But don’t complain. We get cake for breakfast out of this.”

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Before too long it was time for the candles to be blown out. David held Ruby tightly, helping her blow out the candles. Well, maybe ‘help’ was the wrong word – he seemed to be doing all the work and she was content to just sit back and watch him do it.

Slide 24: 

Over at the other table Gemma didn’t let Melissa do any of the work in blowing out the candles. She leaned straight forwards after watching her father blow her sisters candles out, and blew hard. The four candles went out in one puff. “I do it,” she said proudly. “Yes you did,” Melissa told her, setting her down on the floor a couple of steps away. “Now it’s time to grow up for Mummy and Daddy’s sanity – please.” Gemma looked at Melissa strangely – she didn’t know what that meant, but she’d work it out when she was older. Right now she had a birthday to see to.

Slide 25: 

Several minutes later and two children stood, fully formed and after a quick makeover they were ready to face the world, but not before their father grabbed a camera. “Come on girls,” he cajoled. “Say cheese!” Both Ruby and Gemma pulled a face and cross their arms over their chests. “No!” they said firmly, Gemma flipping her long hair over her shoulder after a minute.

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“Come on! I just one nice photo, and I won’t pester you two with this camera again until you two teen.” The twins grimaced. They glared at their father, Ruby crossing her arms more firmly and looking more stubborn. Gemma’s hand clenched into fists. “We don’t want any stupid photo!” they snapped, again in unison. “If you don’t give me at least one night photo I will never give you an allowance. Ever.”

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Ruby and Gemma didn’t get much chance to get to know the other kids at the party. Moments after David took the photo the school bus arrived. The two of them, along with the other kids, all climbed aboard. Hours later Gemma climbed off of that same bus and looked over her school report. “Bah, who needs good grades?” Gemma shrugged to herself. She screwed her report up into a ball and threw it on the ground beside her. Then, she murmured under her breath, “Hope Mum and Dad don’t find that.”

Slide 29: 

Ruby climbed off the bus moments after Gemma. The bus drove away just as Ruby looked over her own report. She shrugged. “Bah, who needs good grades anyway?” she said, unwittingly mimicking her sister and throwing her report card on the ground beside Gemma’s. “Mum and Dad better not find that.”

Slide 30: 

Like possibly every child in history, Ruby and Gemma ignored their homework in favour of more fun activities. The two of them instantly ran out to their back garden, and began to play. “No so hard!” Gemma yelped as the baseball came flying towards her.

Slide 31: 

“Oops, did I hit you?” Ruby said, looking sorry for almost a whole five seconds before she burst into laughter. “Maybe you should get out of the way next time!”

Slide 32: 

“You did that on purpose!” Gemma yelled in outrage, glaring. “Why would you do that?”

Slide 33: 

Ruby shrugged, grinning widely. “I can’t help it if you have that sissy second nice point,” she said with a laugh. “But I’ve only got the two!” Gemma protested, throwing the ball back at Ruby. “Still more than me,” Ruby said, throwing the ball back once again, though not as hard this time. Any further comment from either of the girls was cut short as David called them inside. They had another birthday party to get to.

Slide 34: 

“What? I don’t see any flying pigs,” Charlie said, looking up at the sky. “Keep looking, Charlie,” Quinn said as she snuck up to the dartboard. “You’ll see it any second now.” Charlie kept looking. Quinn sniggered to herself. This was a job well done. Never before had anyone thought up such a brilliant scheme to cheat at darts. Why, it was the greatest idea that anyone had ever had.

Slide 35: 

“Oh, err, hi,” Quinn said awkwardly, wincing a little at the disappointed look on her daughter’s face.

Slide 36: 

“You’re cheating again,” Charlie said blankly. “Cheating is such a harsh-” “Mum.” “I couldn’t help myself!” Quinn grinned nervously at Charlie. Charlie just shook her head, looking away. “If you say so, Mum,” Charlie said, still sounding as disappointed. “I think I hear everyone arriving. I’m gonna go check.”

Slide 37: 

Though she only said it to get away from her mother’s cheating, it turned out that everyone had arrived after all. “What are you talking about? I don’t see any flying pigs.” Charlie said nothing, aiming carefully at Bayley’s head. Just as he turned around, she threw her balloon – SPLASH! “Hey! I’m gonna get you for that!” Laughing, Charlie took off, chased by Bayley. Before anyone knew what was happening all of the children had begun a water balloon fight.

Slide 38: 

Only person in the second generation who wasn’t joining in the water fight was Gideon. Gideon sat on the ground, sucking on his fingers calmly despite all of the chaos around him. After a few moments he giggled to himself, and set about crawling after the adults. With any luck he’d come across a family sim and they’d coo over him for a while.

Slide 39: 

As the sun set on the desert, Quinn called an end to the kid's water fight and called everyone over. She scooped Gideon up from where he sat on the ground. Quinn carried him over to the cake. Quickly everyone gathered around as he blew out the candles with some help from Quinn. Gideon looked up at everyone as they all crowded in further after he got put on the floor. They all began to cheer and shout. He looked up at them with a grin, and began to grow.

Slide 40: 

Gideon was a child for all of a second before running off to get changed into something that was more suited to the coming summer heat. While he was gone Ross came up and gave Quinn a hug goodbye. “We’ve got to go,” he said. “Sorry to duck out so early but my lot are probably driving the nanny up the wall right about now.” “It’s okay,” Quinn said laughing. “I understand. I’ll bring my two around tomorrow afternoon for your lot’s party, okay?” Ross grinned and nodded. “That’ll be great – and hopefully that’ll be the last load of birthdays for a while. I think anymore would drive us all insane.” Again, Quinn laughed. There was no arguing there.

Slide 41: 

“Charlie – where is everyone?” Gideon asked as he came back outside in a change of clothes.

Slide 42: 

“’Parently it’s getting late so their parents took them home,” Charlie shrugged, turning around. “Hey – we’re still here,” Gemma said as she and Ruby walked around the corner. “Yeah, but your Mum and Dad left ‘coz it’s late, Ruby,” Charlie said, tossing a look towards the girl in pink, who grimaced. “I’m Gemma,” Gemma said. Charlie shrugged. “If you said so,” she said, grabbing Gideon by the elbow and pulling him away. “Come on, Gideon! You’re big enough to play properly now!”

Slide 43: 

And with that the two of them were teasing and tormenting each other as all siblings do. They carried on well into the night until they both felt as if they were going to drop down where they stood. Reluctantly they both headed off to bed before they passed out on the sand.

Slide 44: 

Although most would likely not remember it, it wasn’t just Gemma and Ruby and Gideon’s birthday that day. There were two more to come. After getting home from Gideon’s party, Kate and Waylon grabbed their two youngest bundles of terror. They approached a pair of identical cakes and looked at one another, then at the babies in their arms. Waylon held Declan, Kate held Edmund. “Ready?” Kate asked with a wry smile. “Yes,” Waylon nodded. “Let’s get this over with.”

Slide 45: 

Minutes later two toddlers sat on the floor of their bedroom. Declan and Edmund looked at one another, then as one they nodded and crawled off to cause trouble together.

Slide 46: 

“AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!” It had been a peaceful morning. Charlie and Gideon had risen from bed and just changed from their pyjamas into their everyday clothes when they heard it. They both ran as fast as their legs would carry them until they reached where one shrill scream – their mother’s – had shattered the peace of the morning. Yes, it was Quinn screaming. She was going through labour again, for the third time. And hopefully for the final time. “Oh,” Gideon watched, transfixed by the entire thing – so this was where babies came from? “Why does this always happen just after someone becomes a kid?” Charlie grumbled, and after some quick calculations it was plain to see she was right – the age gap was exactly the same between Charlie and Gideon as it would be between Gideon and this child.

Slide 47: 

A short while later, after Gideon had learned more about where babies come from than he ever wanted to know, Quinn held the newest Stanton out for them to see. This kid looked almost exactly like Charlie had done when she was born – same skin tone, same red hair and the same dark blue eyes. “Yes! Another redhead!” Charlie said enthusiastically. “What’s her name?” “His name,” Quinn said pointedly, looking at Charlie, “is going to be James. Say hello to your little brother, the both of you.”

Slide 48: 

Charlie shrugged and walked past to where the school bus had just pulled up. “I already have a little brother – but hi, James,” she said, glancing over her shoulder. Gideon was cooing over James like he was the first baby Gideon had ever seen. Come to think of it, that might be true. “Come on, Ian. We’ve got to get to school.”

Slide 49: 

“What do you mean, there’s another party tonight?” “It’s true!” “You’re making that up, Rubes.” “Don’t called me Rubes, Gems.” “You know, I kinda like that.” “Shut up.”

Slide 50: 

“It is true though!” Ruby said, gesturing wildly. “No way! It is not! There’s been like a billion recently! There can’t be able more birthdays left in the world – or any birthday cake!” “But it’s true!”

Slide 51: 

“I don’t believe you.”

Slide 52: 

“Not even just a little bit?” “No! Now stop pestering me about it!”

Slide 53: 

“That’s right, stop pestering your sister, Ruby,” Melissa chose this moment to butt in. “And both of you need to get ready anyway – we have a birthday party to attend.” Gemma took one looked at Ruby, the smug expression already on her face. “Don’t say it,” she said as they both got up and headed upstairs.

Slide 54: 

“I told you so.” To Ruby’s credit, she did manage to last until they were both out of the living room, and the door had almost shut. That was longer than a lot of people would have lasted.

Slide 55: 

“So... You two and everyone else vanished pretty suddenly last night,” Gideon said as he watched Bayley and Cole play red hands. “Yeah, Mum and Dad said they needed to grow our little brothers up or somethi – OW! BAYLEY!” “Sorry, Cole,” Bayley grinned as Cole’s hands turned a bright shade of red. He looked over at Gideon. “It sucked having to leave early because of our bratty little brothers. It’s bad enough they had to be another pair of twins – but then they had to go and make us leave a party? It’s just not fair.”

Slide 56: 

Yes, it was fine for the next lot of birthdays to begin already. The number of people going to each and every one of the birthday parties was growing rapidly, but luckily this would be the last party for a little while. Quite frankly everyone (including yours truly) could do with a break from them for a little while.

Slide 57: 

Five ‘o’ clock rolled around and Ross and Kaylynn looked to one another before Kaylynn walked inside. She picked Todd up off the floor where he was playing with Ivan. Ivan didn’t even look up as his brother was taken away. At the cake everyone gathered around as best they could. Kaylynn hefted Todd up onto her hip as best she could. He was getting a bit too heavy for this now, and in a matter of moments he would definitely be too heavy for it. Kaylynn leaned forwards with Todd and together they blew the candles out. She put him on the sand. At first nothing happened. And then he grew.

Slide 58: 

Mere minutes and one quick change of clothes later and the children greeted the new one among them in what was quickly becoming the standard way: by water balloon.

Slide 59: 

And Todd couldn’t have been more delighted with the welcome into the ranks of childhood.

Slide 60: 

As you may have realised, Todd’s wasn’t the last birthday that day. Six ‘o’ clock rolled around very quickly indeed. Ross and Kaylynn headed into the house for a moment, emerging mere moments later with their other two children. Ivan relaxed in his father’s arms as he was brought out, not too interested in what was going on around them. Amelia, on the other hand, lay in her mother’s arms, looking around herself in awe. She had never seen so many sims gathered in one place before. She hadn’t even seen any sims who weren’t related to her before.

Slide 61: 

One cake and one make over later, Ivan found him and Todd getting accosted by their father who was wielding a camera. The two brothers looked to one another, mischief in their eyes as they began to pull faces at the camera. “Oh, Todd – Ivan – can’t I get one nice photo?” The two of them continued to pull funny faces for a while, only to stop when the threat of rounding was brought out. It was summer soon, after all. It wouldn’t do to be grounded over summer.

Slide 62: 

“That’s better, boys,” Ross sighed as he snapped a picture. “Now you two can go play – JUST MIND YOUR MOTHER AND SISTER!” Ross yelled the last part and Todd and Ivan ran out the door, nearly pushing over Kaylynn who held Amelia still in her arms. Speaking of Amelia...

Slide 63: 

Kaylynn had given Amelia a quick makeover, changing the girl’s hair and clothes. She thought she looked quick cute – and a lot like her mother, even if she did say so herself. Amelia didn’t act a whole lot like her mother though. She began to wiggle moments after the door slammed shut until Kaylynn was forced to put her down. As soon as she touched the floor she was off, crawling away as fast as her chubby arms and legs could carry her.

Slide 64: 

And that’s it for this chapter. It’s quite a bit shorter than the last chapter, and some of the previous ones too. Hopefully the next one will be longer – and not as birthday centric. It was wearing on me by the end, if you couldn’t tell. It should focus on the kids though – and hopefully will develop their personalities a little better.

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